I just posted my thoughts on getting ready for the next school year. I'm focusing on changing the classroom culture to one in which "learning supersedes all else." It stemmed partially from a discussion that took place right here in Classroom 2.0 about "Points vs. Learning." If students do not see "learning" as the primary goal in your classroom then things like the latest technology tools and changes in assessment strategies may not have the impact you intend. Agree with this premise? What are you doing in preparation for the upcoming academic year?

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"Learning supersedes all else" sounds like an invitation to justify the means with some very harsh ends. For me I'll be pushing hard to install a culture in which "character supersedes all else." A student with a solid character will learn because it is right.

As far as prepping, I'm finishing up my video notes for when students are absent and putting together my DIY classroom sound system.
My contention is that if they develop a proper character they will come away with everything else. A person of right character will seek to do their best in whatever they do. They are going to do "learning" in my room so assuming they are aiming to do their best in that then learning goals will be met as well.

However, to more directly answer your question, if it were an either-or situation, then yes, I'd be happy if they left with character over everything else.



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