A few weeks ago my colleague found a site that featured abandonware, and suggested that we could put this software on our site along with suggestions to use and objectives that could be met. As I looked at the links, Sim Park caught my eye. A nephew had spent months learning how to build and manage parks. He learned so much about animals, plants, and their interactions from it, that I was amazed (he later went on to the other sims games and wrung maximum learning out of each).

Now, I'd told these games are too old to be worthwhile. There is better out there and it's now online instead of standalone.

For those of you who may remember all the stuff kids could learn from Sim Park and are up-to-date on how to achieve the same level of learning from the modern stuff, please share so I can put links to similar content on my website and won't have to make folks download it.

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I see a lot of potential in SimPark at a slower pace than the Tycoon games where there is too much micromanagement for my tastes. I like the flexibiilty to be simple or complex and with data I can import into Excel for analysis.

On the other hand, I tend to question an Artificial Intelligence that lets SouthWest Cactus to thrive in Minnesota needs to have its head examined. On the other hand, it gives the kids something to speculate about. I like SimPark but I would like a better artificial intelligence.
I agree on the Tycoon games. They never did it for me like the sims games did. The slower pace will appeal to the younger children. But, I'll put these link on along with the link to download Sims Park and teachers can choose what they will. The fact that Sim Park runs on your Vista OS should answer questions about whether it can run on the current machines.



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