WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SCHOOL POLICY? Teachers will be suspended if they will use social networking sites in education.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SCHOOL POLICY? I want to hear your comments and opinions.  This is true.  Teachers will be suspended if they will use social networking sites, most especially Facebook, in instruction and other school-related activities.

I'm a Religion/Theology/Values Education teacher.  I've been using social networking sites and other Web 2.0 tools in education and evangelization for years.  I was shocked when this policy was announced and implemented in our school.  Please help me convince our administrators of the advantages and benefits of Social Networking sites and Web 2.0 tools.  Please send me resources I can present them.  I will wait for your responses.  I hope you can help me. Thank you.  May God bless you.

P.S.  I am an advocate of Faith 2.0 - Making Sense of our Faith in the Digital World.  You may check my websites and blogs.

Faith 2.0 - Making Sense of our Faith in the Digital World 

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Is that a school employing professionals or does it employ instead non-professional and inappropriate staff for teaching?

[replied to between teaching classes from the computer on my desk paid for by the school, using an internet connection similarly paid]
I think this is absurd, in my opinion as long as the teachers dont have their students as friends and keep everything professional and clean they should be able to use social networking.
I think sispension is way to extreme, especially if the teacher has found an educational way to use the sites. Though I do see where the school is coming from considering how difficult it is to properly monitor the content on those websites.
Why so miffed? A school policy is a school policy. Fight to change it if you don't like it, but be prepared to back up your fight. Probably the reason the policy states social networking is because Facebook and Myspace are inappropriate in the school setting. Are you not aware of the bullying that goes on within these sites? The cell phone argument has come and gone - and yes cell phones can be used for bullying too, but they now play a major role in parent-to-child communication. The above-mentioned social sites off too many the opportunity to behave in uninhibited ways that they would not in a more scholarly environment. There are plenty of other ways for students and teachers to communicate that are acceptable across the board, for example,telephone, e-mail through school e-mail, a wiki, a classroom blog, plain old talking. (these also work well for students to communicate their ideas and projects beyond the classroom walls!)
I have to say that in my daughter's junior year of high school, her English teacher decided to use facebook as an addition to his teacher page. Of course, he had to have parental consent which I gave. I think this is a fantastic idea becuase more and more students are on social networking sites. Whenever my daughter was absent, she was still able to keep up with assignments. Times are a-changing and we need to keep up with the times. There were basic rules and guidelines from the school which all students followed. I believe they followed it because they had nothing but respect for this teacher. Good luck with convincing the administration though.
Wow! This concept amazes me! I can not believe that something like technology (which is immersed in our culture whether you try to avoid it or not). Teaching children with technology will only be beneficial in helping them in today's society. The earlier you get them involved with this kind of field, the better they will pick it up and succeed with it.
I agree that bullying happens in facebook, cell phones etc. The answer is not to ban them. Bullying happens in the playground so does that mean we should not allow students to play together? Of course not. Facebook, Youtube are not the cause of bullying, they are a tool used by bullies, and I think we forget that and like to blame this behaviour on these tools and thus ban them fasley thinkign we have solved the problem. Our kids are using this meduim (and most of us adults are too) its here so its time to recognise it and be where are learners are.



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