What is technological literacy and what does it entail?

We live in a world increasingly mediated by information and communication technologies that impact every aspect of our lives and have changed and will continue to change our literacy practices. As educators we need to understand the changes so that we can learn how to use the new technologies ‘efficiently, ethically and responsibly with a view to tapping their educational potential’ (Synder, 2001).

Researchers such as Luke (1997), Gagel (1997), Leu (2004), Bruce (1997) and others indicate that one of the critical literacies of our times is the Technological Literacy witch is about the ability to understand and effectively use emerging and converging technologies.

How would you define technological literacy? What do you think it entails?

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I am, as I write, creating a syllabus for a new course, entitled Information Literacy for teachers enrolled in School of Education courses. I will use the AASL standards to frame my course. There are several definitions that I can use, but the one I have given my students is as follows: "Information Literacy constitutes the abilities to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate, effectively use, and communicate information in its various formats" (SUNY Final Report, September 30, 1997).



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