There are lots of reasons why teachers are considered to be great. What is unclear is what is the ultimate basis for how we evaluate ourselves as effective educators. Do we associate greatness with educational background or years of experience? Do we rate effectiveness on student enjoyment or standardized testing results?

According to a 2010 ABC programme, a great teacher is not necessarily identified by the person with the most degrees, the most experience or the most outgoing personality.

Here are the 3 identifiers of great educators:

1) Check to see that every student understands and is keeping up.

2) If a lesson plan isn't working - change it. Re-evaluate and try something else.

3) Set high goals for your students.

How do you shape up?

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Nice post!

Primarily people should be in love with his profession. Ready to give everything, time, energy, knowledge. To improve in the teaching profession.

I agree that teachers should be in love with their profession - so much so that it did not immediately come to mind when I made that list! I feel it is instinctual; it draws us to this profession in the first place.

All of these contributions highlight very important aspects of a teacher's job: their love of what they do, the support/stability they provide and the communication skills and trust necessary to connect with and maintain relationships with students, parents and staff.

A successful teacher is one who grows and evolves, but never loses their love of learning or passion in the classroom.

Teachers are great, supportive and peace makers. I do strongly believe that a teacher should be proud of what he does and keep up with the good work in the classroom to help his students become better. It is not an easy task for a teacher to perform but we teachers should do our best to perform well and gain the students trust and love. Having a strong relationship with the students will make the process of learning super. Teachers are great!! Thank you teachers for your efforts.

Absolutely agree, Salam.

A teacher is an artist, psychologist, friend and guiding hand. A teacher is a person who supports and elucidates what is good and what is bad. Good teachers inspire, they cultivate creativity in student's minds and bring up them to love the truth. Mrs Nelson is the epitome of strictness and talent for me, but only she disclosed my aptitude to writing. Thanks to her, the phenomenon of plagiarism ceased to exist in my writing and my inner voice is becoming unique now. Being a champion for truth, Mrs Nelson insisted on the necessity of using plagiarism detection software in educational system. The strongest argument for that is:"We need to bring something new in this world". What do I think? My opinion is that her distinctive character and the desire to polish education from mala fides make her so special to students." The strongest argument for that is:"We need to bring something new in this world". What do I think? My opinion is that her distinctive character and the desire to polish education from mala fides make her so special to students. 

I agree with the three identifiers that you have selected, but I would also tentatively throw out empathy for students in there, as well. Mutual respect is developed when both the teacher and students understand one another, which I believe is first started through empathy. That mutual respect allows you to both teach students their lessons and (hopefully) become a role model for the students who need one.

I agrer

@Ed Vectus Nice knowledgeable thought shared by you.You pointed out some great points to be great educator but I would like to add some more points to it .

Great/Good teachers engage students and get them to look at issues in a variety of ways.

They form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people.

Good teacher must be master in his/her own subject and must be able to deliver each and every point of topic broadly and more importantly must be understood by every children .

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your positive feedback. I wholeheartedly agree with the additional points you have added. There are so many ways that teachers can positively effect change in their classrooms to ensure their students feel safe, welcome and appreciated. 

See, this is a question with two points of view. A teacher can have a great experience, good teaching skills and so on, but at the same time, students don't like her or him. What are reasons? First of all, a good teacher cares about the informativeness of the lesson and its intelligibility as well. Then, a teacher should make sure that each student understood the topic. At the same time, a teacher should communicate with students, help them and try to compromise with them in a different situation. In addition, there is no a good teacher without patience and desire for self-improvement.



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