What Web 2.0 Tools Do You Use for Inquiry Based Science?

I'm preparing for an institute and will be doing some professional development for science teachers in 1:1 classrooms. I've worked with science teachers around the use of Google Docs/Forms/Spreadsheets, Wikis, Simulations/Applets, Screencasting, Wordle, etc. in previous PD sessions.

What are some of your favorite Web 2.0 tools for use in a inquiry based science class (MS or HS)?


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Gizmos is a GREAT online simulation site that has lots of great information, inquiry based.  I can't remember what the enrollment fee is for the site but some of the materials online can be accessed for free or under the 30-day trial.


I would be interested to hear if there are others out there.  I teach elementary school but I have the same question.

Looking forward to reading what other sources are found. 



Donna, Thank you for your thoughts.  As you teach at the elementary school level, you might want to check out some simply to use tools such as Wordle with your students- especially around vocabulary.  Voicethread is great for having students collaborate on a science topic via video, audio, and text.  Glogster is great for multimedia presentations.


I use the following sites that have a welath of information in chemistry.




Thank you very much. I have been using orbitron too. It is am amazing site. Brings the inside of the atom in front of your eyes.






I've used WISE before and recommend it.  They've recently launched a new version that I haven't had a chance to really explore yet.  The content is some MS and some HS spread across various disciplines.  WISE isn't a tool but an inquiry environment.  If you want inquiry it is a must see.  I've used sites such as Glogster and GoAnimate with some success in the classroom as well.



What is WISE? To me it's wide-field infrared survey explorer. 
lol, science humor.  But seriously, check out the link if you want to know more.  It's the closest thing to actual inquiry (not just a tool, game, simulation, etc) for science classes you can find on the internet.

Wow!  I just signed up for WISE and took a look at one of the projects.  This is an excellent resource!  Thank you Scott.



Dear Joselyn,

I teach chemistry for IB students. Are there any sites that can be used to teach simulations and molecular modelling in the classroom?


Thank you.





Anoop, I think having students create simulations explaining their learning is awesome when done in the form of a screencast.  I like screencast-o-matic because it is so easy to use.  As well, your students could make videos of them creating molecular models (hands-on) while explaining why the atoms in the molecules are arranged in a certain way. An extension of this is to cut a whiteboard into desktop size pieces (Lowes) and have the students create drawings and while talking through them on video. Also, you might take a look at the Orbitron site (http://winter.group.shef.ac.uk/orbitron/) as it is great for 3-D like viewing. You might really get a lot out of Molecular Workbench (http://mw.concord.org/modeler/ ).  The Concord Consortium also has some nice interactives re: chemistry at:  http://www.concord.org/activities/subject/chemistry .  Hope this helps.
I wonder if Chartle would be useful as far as reporting and analyzing data?  Just a thought.

Here are a few websites that I use.






Hope they help!


Best Regards:




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