This site is great, and after the positive experience from my first post, I've decided to dive headfirst into some serious collaboration with all of you.

I wanted to share with you my current class setup, and get some ideas on what you would do if you were me. This is my second year teaching, I teach 6th grade social studies, and I basically fell into the best job ever. Here's a rundown of my classroom:

I have 24 computers (1 for each student) set up in 4 pods of 6.
I have 18 additional seats (a mixture of desks and tables + chairs)
I have 1 projector hanging from the ceiling
I have 1 SMARTboard
I have a computer for myself

Synchoneyes (not smart sync)
Blackboard (this is where my "virtual classroom" exists.)
Anything else that's free :)

So, my question, if you had access to these resources, how would you set up my class logistically?

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How about a horseshoe or two, facing the smartboard? You can stand behind and easily monitor what they do, and set your station up at the back, where you can sit and work. You could still easily stand in front of them and use the smartboard?



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