Which assignment is better, writing a paper or posting a blog?

In my assigned role as devil's advocate, I'd like to see the reasons why a teacher would want to have students write a blog to illustrate what they have learned on a topic (large or small) vs writing the traditional paper with sources cited, artwork on the cover, and eraser marks as needed. What would be the advantages of assigning a blog be created? What would be the pitfalls? What would be necessary in order for all participants to be able to post a blog equally with their peers (if, for example they don't have a computer at home!)? Then, when you have considered the advantages, the superintendent tells you they won't let you do it unless you can supply research information that these advantages exist and are beneficial to students!

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I agree with both Stephan and Allison. I saw that in my students using email (we started out with group emails that all in my small classes participated in, then moved, as each was ready to individual posts). The audience made a difference in both motivation and quality of writing. What was good enough to turn in to the teacher, was not good enough to send to others. This was in 1990 so it is not new news.



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