I found a hilarious infographic about types of teachers! I think everyone can find themselves here.
I suppose I'm a cool type teacher, but maybe my students have other vision :))


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Nice collection of teacher directory. It depends on students that what they think about you. They can decide based on teaching behavior.

Interesting, still I guess a good teacher have to be all of this (well, almost all of this) at once. And such teachers do exist. I personally met a few. And that was so wonderfully interesting to attend their classes. I've always learnt something new and it never was a drag to attend their classes while for other classes I've got an urge to hire essay writer.

There  are a lot of teachers indeed but the problem is that Crazy teachers are getting more and more members lately. I see teachers who just work for the money and no longer the passion and the calling to teach.

Scott Porter

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Nice one! I'd say and I'm proud to be a Supercoach! I correct IELTS essays and challenge my students to answer different types of questions to push them relentlessly. Would be great to be a Celeb, too!



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