Okay, I have an idea but I have come across a hurdle. I am looking for a Wiki which is math friendly where it is relatively easy to write a formula, square root etc. Basically, anything that Equation Editor can do. I did find LaTex Equation editor which says it is a Gadget (same as Widget) but the Wetpaint Wiki which I tried says that it does not support this script. Any ideas or example of Math Wikis?

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Wikispaces support LaTeX. All you have to do is surround the LaTeX code with [[math]] tags (i.e. one before and one after). Also, there's a free online LaTeX Equation editor at http://www.codecogs.com/components/equationeditor/equationeditor.php in case you didn't already know.

Thanks David,

It looked a little complicated fro grade 7/8...and me at this point. So, I exported my smartboard files as jpeg and added them as photos. It should work fine.

BTW what is HTH?
Hello again,

HTH stands for hope that helps. You can check out netspeak and what it all means at http://www.noslang.com/

TTFN (ta, ta for now)
LOL... I've never seen QLB shortened
I have to agree, I've never heard that one before. I'll have to try that one out with my students to se how many of them have heard it.
This probably isn't what you want either, but figured I'd toss it out there:
This one is also LaTeX based, but a bit simpler than the codecogs one. If you demo'd how to create square roots and fractions with it, I think most of your students would catch on.

If you're using macs, the built-in Grapher program does pretty simple math formatting too, but it sounds like you want an online tool.
One more LaTeX one: http://www.texify.com

If you haven't seen LaTeX before, radicals are as simple as \sqrt{x + 1}

And fractions done like this: \frac{a^2 - b^2}{a + b}

I've used Sitmo's editor with Grade 8s without too much of a problem... you can drag/drop the equations into GoogleDocs or Wikispaces.
I've also put the editor into the Navigation Frame of a Wikispaces wiki so that they don't have to flip between pages to create their equations.
Thanks. I just tried it again and it is actually easier than it looked. It also drag/dropped nicely into the blog.
Guess I should read who thread before replying....David gave exactly what I was going to say...hey I must be on the right track!



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