Next year I am moving rooms and have been thinking about how to arrange my new room. I've really been looking at my word wall. Is a word wall necessary in a primary classroom?

I was also considering splitting my word wall up into subject areas. I was just looking for your thoughts and help.

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I word wall is essential in a primary classroom. The youngsters need to be surrounded with print! Start by labeling the objects in the classroom. Have the word chair on the chairs, door, globe, and so on. Then include other environmental print that the students encounter--have them bring in labels of things from home---they can already read McDonald's and others. That would make a great bulletin board! When you begin your instruction place the words on the word wall in thematic sections, not just subject areas, and illustrate each. The students will have an invaluable source for writing. Also, take 5 minutes each day as part of your transition to your next activity to play a word wall game like I-spy...example..I spy I word on the word wall the rhymes with bat and begins with a c... or I spy a science word that means a place where an animal lives, who can find it? It is a wonderful review of the work that you are doing in the classroom.
Thanks! I know a print rich environment is extremely important for primary students, but it was the actual word wall that I was wondering about. You've given me some wonderful ideas.
Wow, what great ideas you have for using the word wall in the classroom. We are required to have them, but I don't use it. It's just there. I change the words every term to match our lesson. . .got any ideas for integrating it into a high school classroom?
One great word wall I saw in a high school class was called a "Dead Word" wall. The teacher had the students make tombstones for ordinary words and on the tombstone they had to write synonyms of the word. It forced the students to use better word choice in their writing. I thought it was very creative and fun.
Word walls are absolutely essential. Primary students are building their vocabulary and they must have an environment that is literacy rich. Here is a great pdf on literacy rich environments. It even includes pictures!
Thanks! Great document with some good ideas.



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