This is my first time posting so I hope I am going about this the correct way.  I would like feedback on the product called yolink.   I've been experimenting with it and like what I see.  I'd like to know the practicality of using it in a school and if anyone has had success/failure with it.  Any thoughts/comments?

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Yolink has a lot of potential for use in the classroom and for student research. @elemenous is a big fan.

Some resources - much comes from @elemenous and the people at the Yolink booth at ISTE

Yolink Helps Web Researchers Search Behind Links

Check out what yolink is up to in Portland, Oregon.

YouTube video -- Yolink + Research

Yolink Helps Web Researchers Search Behind Links

yolink education website (

teacher prepared lesson plans and presentations, and Creative Commons' latest search literacy curriculum.



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