Anyone have good ideas for ways to link English classroom blogging with other classrooms? For instance, classrooms that want to trade impressions of AP Language texts, Macbeth, Raisin in the Sun, and Persuasive Writing.

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I have my kids doing their own personal blogs as well as book group discussions online. My thought is that you could collaborate through book groups to discuss texts. I am going to attempt literature circles this quarter, it would be so much fun to get groups going within the schools and online! I am definitely game if anyone else is.
Take a look at our blogs ( and let me know what you're up to. My 10s are doing Macbeth now and soon will be on A Raisin in the Sun.
Also, have you seen the Comment press plug in for edublogs? It lets you make comments paragraph by paragraph.
Our AP students did a closed Ning this year for Gatsby and the kids really responded well. A few tried to keep discussion going after the class had moved on and were really disappointed in their classmates' lack of interest once the graded portion was over. I so want to support those kids in their efforts for actual intellectual discourse rather than just writing for a grade! For next year, I'm hoping to push the teacher to collaborate--would anyone here be interested? The teacher is already 2.0 literate, but not experienced, and has a long history of success with AP's. Would you consider starting small, maybe with one novel, and then seeing where the kids go with it? I have grand visions of students forming literary circles and making connections that go beyond the unit. Who knows, some of them might end up in colleges together. I feel that it will not be long before some of our students start to make these interactive environments for themselves (I saw a group of students discussing APs on a gaming Ning I was, ahem, visiting) and I know they would benefit from having their teachers involved!
Hi Sarah,

I also teach AP Language and would love an opportunity for students to discuss in a more virtual world. A colleague and I collaborate with our AP curriculum--we don't read too many novels. We do a banned/challenged group novel, 1984, Amusing Ourselves to Death, a group novel that tackles an argumentative issue and then quite the variety of non-fiction prose essay selections. Let me know if these sound viable or interesting as a test for interaction. (We have 4 sections of 90 students.)
I would love to set something up. I have seniors and freshman as of now and both are solidly in the middle of where they are supposed to be for reading ranges. It would depend on what books we did but I would love to participate.



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