I'm here at an astonishingly rich professional development program: Project Zero at Harvard. It's a summer institute, an intensive plunge into the world of thinking skills, multiple and integrated perspectives on children's acquisition of knowledge, cognition, and creativity. (I highly recommend this program--think about it for next summer!) Anyhow, today I'll be listening to Howard Gardner talk about the book we're discussing here, and will write to you later on. Just curious--are you still interested in the book? Did you get through it, or move on to less bookish and more summer-oriented activities? I'll put up a couple more posts and see what happens; we've been quiet lately. Meanwhile, if you have any comments at all about why the book does or doesn't address the questions you have about children's learning, please add a few comments.

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Thinking is what makes us human. We were born to be co-creators. Education is both formal and informal. I am working toward developing a system that combines entertainment with education with technology so we can educate everyone in the world for $500/student/year.
I also have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027.
I am an associate of www.elearningzoom.com
If anyone is interested, this site is better than Blackboard and requires no software to be installed in order to operate.
Love & Peace, Deborah



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