Chapter 10 is based around assisting struggling readers with textbook comprehension. The essential questions are:  Why teach textbook comprehension?, Who are the readers who struggle with textbooks?, and How to select an appropriate and considerate textbook?. It give you three strategies that can help, which included: The Embedded Comprehension Instruction, Explict Stragegy Instruction, and Teacher-Guided Comprehension.  We have attached a unit plan that shows how textsets can be incorporated into the classroom to help assist the readers and different activities such as graffeti walls Here is the lesson plan: .We included a video in our presentation on an acrynoms for assisted reading compresension.


Here is our PowerPoint we used to present to the class, which included examples and a indepth look at the content presented in Chapter 10.

Inclusive Practice PowerPoint- Chap 10.pptx







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