I looked at a lesson plan on lessonoply that dealt with the winter olympics. I liked connecting something that is going on with the everyday classroom. The olympics are world wide and students should be learning about it. In the lesson plan I chose, students in 6th were analyzing math in everyday life and why it is important, more specifically  the mean median and mode. It deals it set up so students start out by connecting math to their day, like brushing their teeth (time). THen they watch the video, discuss different types of scoring in the olympics, and relate that to the math concept. I like that students have a say in the lesson because they get a chance to determine point value, and my favorite part was the independant practice. During the practice students work in groups, create their own sport, and get to determine how they would score. They connect with science and the arts when suggesting that students create posters and look for similarities to science.  West Virginia CSO : M.O.6.5.2-identify a real life situation using statistical measures mean, median, mode, range, outliers) overtime, make a hypothesis as to the outcome; design and implement a method to collect, organize and analyze data; analyze the results to make a conclusion; evaluate the validity of the hypothesis based upon collected data, design a mode of presentation using words, graphs, models, and/or tables (with and without technology).

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Erin, I checked out this activity and thought it was great. There is also another lesson called Olympic Metric Conversion that uses the Olympic theme. It has students convert between standard and metrics, but I think I would have 6th graders convert between different metric units ( change meters to cm, etc) I have used a lesson from a book called AIMS that is called Metric Olympics. Students compete in different events and then measure the results in metrics. The activities can all be done in the classroom or in the hall so you don't have to battle the snow. Let me know if you want a copy of these and I can give them to Dinise when she comes to West Preston. I agree that this would be a great PBL activity. Students would be engaged.



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