I'm working with a school that has a computer lab (12
machines) all with various versions of Microsoft Office installed
and intentionally no internet access. They're in need of textbooks. Instead of reinventing the wheel I'd love recommendations for textbooks at are student friendly and project-focused.

All ideas are appreciated! Thanks.


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Most textbooks are pretty dry and don't have many projects. I've found Database Magic by Sandra Dounce, published by ISTE to be very useful for working with Excel databases. There is also a Spreadsheet Magic by a different author, also from ISTE, but I haven't seen that.

I tend to find ideas from curriculum students are learning in my English class, or in their other classes and turn those into lessons using Office programs. For example: I have students use the CIA database https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ to find specific information (population, literacy, % of population at different ages, arable land) about vastly different countries. They have to search for the information in the online database, collect the information in an Excel spreadsheet I have them design themselves, then graph parts of the data, and also write about their observations about these widely different cultures in Word. My 7th and 8th graders love the idea that they are looking at info from the CIA, and they get a lot of practice using the tools.
Business Education Publishing has a project based text for each Microsoft application. www.bepublishing.com
Hello Ellen,

I am using MS Office Win XP edition Benchmark Series. The ISBN is: 978-0-76382-999-5. It is amazing with projects and great for students to pick up and learn a skill. It focuses on preparing students (and instructors) to take a MS Office Specialist certification test. I had a 2003 version I just tossed a few months ago. Sorry :(. There is another book I will post tomorrow. I know that would help also with less intense projects.

Evidently tomorrow is two weeks from the 6th. Sorry. Anyhow, another book I recommend is:
ISBN-13: 978-1-4390-7853-2
ISBN-10: 1-4390-7853-X

Computer Literacy Basics: A Comprehensive Guide to IC3
by: Connie Morrison and Dolores Wells
You might try having the students make their own user manual for MS Office, if by textbook you mean a textbook to teach how to use MS Office. I would say forget about teaching to use the program, but devise a project which requires them to use the program. They'll learn as they go.



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