Thanks for dropping by the Digital Languages page. I teach Chinese in a small country school in SW Victoria, Australia. I'm really keen to get my students involved in lots of discussion about different languages and cultures, and why we need to learn about them. I'm also really keen on doing all this through Web 2.0 and other tools and effectively turn my classroom into an eLearning unit so to speak. I'm hoping to increase student engagement and show them that studying a second language is a bit more relevant than they seem to give it credit for.

I'd love to hear from other language teachers with similar interests and get some conversations started!

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Hi my name is Dianne Krause and I teach French at a suburban high school. I just found out about most web 2.0 tools and I'm just starting to consider the opportunities available to me and my students. I would love to continue the conversation about bringing web 2.0 into language classrooms and breaking down the walls of my classroom.
Hi, I'm Gabriela Sellart and I teach English as a Foreign Language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started to blog for my students this year, the first goal was to try to create an environment in with English was a reality and not the usual fictional creation in text books.
I also felt the need of organizing my ideas, I started to blog about this experience in Spanish so that I could be in contact with my colleagues in Argentina.
Soon I realized that writing for my students and encouraging them to comment was not enough. I wanted them to get more involved into conversations. Some of them started to write posts in Taking it Further. I don't have access to computers at school, this makes everything slower but not impossible. They are slowly making some contact with other students and some of them have started to see the power of blogging.
I'm also using a wiki, which is a powerful tool for language learners.
We are about to finish the school year here, this means I'm tired and at the same time working more than usual, I hope to keep in touch anyway.



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