I'll throw this out for discussion! What do you consider digital pedagogy to be? How do you define this term?

There are no right or wrongs with this, I'm just hoping to gauge what others think of when they hear the phrase 'digital pedagogy'. Thanks in advance for your response.

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Hi, this is my first group here and, wow, what a fundamental question. Let's have a go;
I see this as being the art of teaching using digital tools. However, not just using the tools, but in understanding the interests and digital/computer skills of one's class, choosing and using the digital tools that suit best to the class and the subject, enhancing both.

When I was at school, I gained a greater understanding of our reading of Romeo and Juliet when we watched a screening of Franco Zefferelli's movie of the same. I remember being struck by some scenes that were just as I had 'read' them, others because of their differences, and the characters, how in my head, from the words and my mind, 'my' Juliet looked so different from Zefferelli's. The movie brought me a new perspective, and a greater understanding not just of the text, but of my relationship to and with the text as I read it - what I added to it from my Self. The movie enhanced my learning. Of course, before we saw the movie I thought we were getting a period off of study as we were getting to just sit and watch a film. It was while I was watching that I realised I was experiencing a different level of learning, and I liked it. (This was my first non-traditional learning experience.)

Digital tools can enable the teacher to reach pupils in different ways, at different levels, sometimes in their own language, and to open up lessons and subjects to be experienced, and enjoyed on more levels than paper and pen can provide. Therefore,to answer the question :)

I see Digital Pedagogy as the ability to choose and use digital tools, and to integrate them into the classroom experience, adding to the experience of learning and the learning outcomes of the pupils.
I am new to this so forgive me if this doesn't work like I hope it will. I just know digital technology is advancing at such a quick rate and as teachers we have to recognize that this is our kids future in many areas. If you follow this link, it really explains this point from the kids point of view. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A-ZVCjfWf8&feature=PlayList&...
The seamless integration of technology(digital tools/websites/hardware etc) with great pedagogy.



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