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I am looking for grade 7 or 8 classrooms from areas in high(er) risk for catastrophic geological events with whom to collaborate. The idea here is that these classrooms would mentor a class from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada by communicating via blogs, wikis, and possibly Skype as we analyze societal and environmental impacts of historical and current catastrophic geological events, and scientific understanding of movements and forces within Earth’s crust.

The unit of study is scheduled to begin mid November and interested classes need only commit one period per week to review our work, leave feedback, direct us towards resources, share personal accounts, etc.

We will use our research and your input to create a concept plan to help minimize the effects of catastrophic geological events. The concepts plans will be presented to participating schools.

If you are interested in mentoring, kindly email me ASAP at:


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I may be able to help you. I am a Teacher Fellow at the University of Waikato NZ.
Fantastic! I'll send you an email!

My Social Studies teachers are interested (Grades 6 through 9). Monterrey (Mexico) is not exactly an area of high risk but a hurricane that hit us this summer really devastated our city's main infrastructure. Do we qualify?
Awesome! We will make it work!

Still interested?



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