Sir Gawain and Hamlet: Handling the Unexpected (or... what to do when your world throws you for a loop)

I am looking for collaborator(s) who will be reading either or both of these works and who are willing to engage in discussion(s) with my students on the ideas presented through these complex (and in many ways similar) characters who encounter highly unusual situations that would send most of us running like Shaggy and ScoobyDoo, namely, the supernatural. We will explore how each character's moral code defines their response and how we as 21c learners can glean lessons from these perennial favorites as we face the unknown in our lives and in this ever-changing world. My students are honors sophomores; they are clever, insightful, a tad goofy at times, and a whole lot of fun to work with. We will be reading these works this term (Jan-early March). Please contact me at if you are interested in exploring either with us. I promise an amazing experience!

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