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. You see, I've noticed that people have mentioned the lack of materials and resources and yet there are so many things I see happening. Each of the areas for observation has been something I've promoted at Commerce at one time or another over the last two years. Granted, the use of some of them is limited because of the lack of technology developed in the last 10 years, but you work with what you have. The only exceptions to this rule have been:

• Universal access to course materials (including class lesson plans and
referenced materials); Although I have been promoting the use of Manhattan as a means by which we can accomplish this.
• Immediate availability of audios of class lectures (see Abowd, Harvel, & Brotherton, 2000);We've been starting the process of integrating podcasts and other audio into classes. It's slow going but things are moving in the right direction.

Using what we have now at Commerce, (which is BTW, not much at all) we have certainly still made strides to be able to meet the standards that are being set for the use of these 21st century tools and techniques. It would certainly be a great advantage to have the most state of the art resources to do this work. I can only imagine (and I can imagine alot) what we would do to the threshold of mastery if we had them.
I mostly see the teachers using technology as demonstrations of software and other tools that teach or reinforce
skills or strategies and for online tools such as MCAS review. They also use technology for communication purposes. I am happy with how far the teachers have come, although it has taken two years. I feel like we are taking baby steps instead of by the leaps and bounds I would like to see. The main issues holding us back are the ages of the technology that we are trying to use and time for the teachers to learn and practice technology skills.



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