I'm really interested in establishing a network of online teachers that we can all turn to at almost anytime of the day for questions or help. Twitter and Plurk both work well for this, and while I have a large network of education technologists that I communicate with regularly, very few of them are involved in e-learning. So, if you are interested, please post your Twitter or Plurk ID's to the forum.


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My Twitter ID is bethstill. I'd definitely be interested in being part of this network. Count me in!

I am @petef on Twitter, although I'm not a teacher myself. If you are interested in using Twitter in this way you might also be interested in a tool we will be launching soon called HTH. Instead of your posts only being seen by the people who are following you you can post on a particular topic and it will be seen by anyone who is following that topic.
Cory, I'm a late starter with Twitter. I can see the uses! Here's a link to a blog post from my friend Carl Heine:

He discusses Cool-hunting 2.0 and how twitter can be used to develop a personal knowledge network. The piece does get the wheels turning!


wiredinstructor (my twitter id, and personal keyword.) 8-)
Late to tweet....

I'm teaching 5 online classes at the moment and rarely surface to tweet. Once I'm out of the tunnel of work demands I'll get more active on twitter.

Hi everone- I would be interested in joining a network of online teachers to share info with. My twitter ID is cbrown101.

Hi my Twitter ID is Carlos8205 and I'm really interested in this supporting group. Count me in as well.Carlos
My Twitter ID is @judypdrsn I'm looking forward to communicating with all of you.



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