As you work online you become dependent on certain e-learning tools. Here's my top 10 list of tools I've come to depend on. (Each is a single search keyword, so no urls for this post.)

Firefox (with & FireFTP plugins)

WordPress (I like Blogger, but WordPress is where the action is.) (Social Bookmarking has may conventional bookmarking a dim memory)

Gmail (all of my email is forwarded to Gmail so I can search one large archive of correspondence. I've kicked my Eudora habit.)

Moodle (The more I teach with Moodle the better I like it.)

Fireworks (I do all of my graphics with Fireworks. Great for optimizing a clear small graphic.

Dreamweaver (Sometimes frustrating but powerful, DW is the one I know best.)

Google Reader (Makes RSS feeds easy to organize.)

Cclearner (I can't keep Win XP pro running right witout it.)

Spybot Search and Destroy (Best for zapping spyware that I know.)

So these are my top 10, what about yours?

Dennis In San Marcos

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AND, if you have some MSOffice files that have gotten corrupted somehow, very often OpenOffice is able to open them, and when you resave them in MS format, they are repaired for use by MS again. (It's a big utility just to do this, but it's saved many a presentation from the trash at my college!)
OMG, Zamzar is the best!
Hi James,
Apart from the regular video sites like Youtube and Teacher Tube etc, there is a new video website exclusively for vocabulary building. Its worth a look... WordAhead
Okay, I'll's my top ten picks (trying hard to offer alternatives and not duplicate great resources already listed):

Thanks for the terrific list of links Ellen!

There are many here I've never visited. I appreciate it!

You share some really good tools:

Here are some of my favorites:

1) Zoho Suite (online office suite and more. I really appreciate Zoho Meeting)

2) VoiceThread (Authentic assessment at its best. You and your students can leave comments on a document with voice, video, or writing. See all other comments as well)

3) PMWiki (mine is set up with to do math symbols and graphs at the click of a button and minimal coding. Also have individual student pages set up)

4) Camtasia Studio (I make a lot of screen recordings)

5) WizIQ (virtual classroom)

You can see demos of most of these on my Portfolio @
hi, how about jane hart's top 100 tools for learning 2008, which's said to be compiled from the contributions of 192 learning professionals ...

anyway, i prefer Moodle, Wiki, and Ning :):):)
I have been teaching on-line for secondary students in my board in southern Ontario for only one year. This is my second year and I am developing a new course ( Business Entrepreneurship - E-Business) I was required to build all of my materials in First Class
This progam works fine, some limitations but easy to use.
We have also just began using -Adobe Connect
for webinars and conferncing.
Athough we still working out a few tech support items with our board server. It's definately a great tool for teaching online.
I have also been actively searching for ways to integrate multi- media to appeal to different learning styles, so a few other useful programs are:
Adobe Presenter- takes a PowerPoint and adds voice, students can forward rewind pause as needed.
view Sample
Another useful program that is FREE is JING
This is a wonderful screen capture program that allows you to show views what you mean by creating a flash and audio message. Here is a sample.
One more program that I haven't used a lot so far but has great potential is Voice Thread
This program allows you to add multiple comments to a slide, visual or video.
sample (that someone else made):
That's few of my favorites and I 'm sure I will be finding more as I try out the other sites suggested here!
Thanks for the great list!

Have you tried Flowgram?

This is a free online tool that creates a sequential, powerpoint like presentation out of webpages with anything else you can upload or link to.

Try it, you might like it! 8-)

I appreciate your list Dennis,

My list includes most of the applications you listed.

I would also add Skype for voice communication

It's both versatile and evolving. The developers are making some great add-ons for increasing productivity.

Hi I agree with Skype but would also add

Ning - fantastic tool for collaboration, My students love Voki - the engagement and buzz which occurs in the classroom is sensational. Jing is so easy to use and the results are very powerful.

Movie making is an important part of the geography courses i teach so imovie and garageband would be on my list also

i think twitter and google reader are very powerful and such time savers.

Yes, Skype is a great free application. I use it a lot. I'll be working in a Mac Lab next semester so I'll be hands on with imovie. I've heard great things about garageband, but haven't yet tried it.

I spent some time playing with It's a new synchronous white board environment with some slick tools for page markup.

I'm also deep in with . I really like the annotation tools and the strong social network connections!

thanks for sharing,




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