Here's an easy "get-to-know-you" activity for us. List one or more of your favorite children's books. Just give the title, or give the title and an activity.

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I've recently caught up with the Orphan Train Adventures by Joan Lowery Nixon. Great series at multiple reading levels!
With so many A is for... books on the market, I just had to laugh when I found out there called A Isn't For Fox! It fits first grade humor perfectly! It's a good thing I get to buy books for my classroom since I don't have children of my own yet!
A really neat picture book is Voices in the Park. I don't know the author off hand, but it was a great read aloud for a class discussion. The main idea is that people bring different perspectives to life. There are different characters in the book who all are in the park at the same time. You see the perspective of the children and the adults. When I used this with my fourth graders last year, they really got into explaining what they felt each character was thinking. I believe I used it as a warm up for a writing piece in which they were working on point of view.
My students and I have read some brilliant books over the last few years. You can read about them here . You can see some curriculum units I've written using literature as a focus here.
Bootsie Barker Bites is one of my "new" favs
The old timers- Miss Twiggley's Tree and Fox in Sox
There is an old-time oversize children's book about a couple of pigeons. The main pigeon's name is something like "Peck" and I remember his wife calling him "Pecky". Do you know it?



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