"My name is Michelle and I am a teachaholic," I admitted on Twitter the other day. They say the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Anyone else willing to own up to their "addiction"?

What are the signs that you MIGHT be a teachaholic? Let's make this the equivalent to Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck..." shtick.

Have fun!

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THIS IS SO TRUE.... i have seasonal sweaters my husband says i am not allowed to wear in public but i wear them to school..... (less and less though as time goes by....)
LOL- I had to go to the mall once with this OBNOXIOUS "teacher" shirt on- I completely forgot until I was almost done shopping!
If you know of at least 20 uses for any kind of milk container,
you might be a teachaholic.
If the thought of chart paper and magic markers makes you giddy,
you might be a teachaholic.

(Okay, okay, the smell of the magic markers might have more to do with the "giddy" feeling!)
So I'M having so much fun with this one, I'm going to turn it into a slideshow when all's said and done (of course I'll give you full credit should I use your response).Suggestions for "theme music"?
You might be a teachaholic if .......
you talk to your cat like she is one of your students

you ALWAYS cruise the office supplies aisle whenever you are at at the market.

you coordinate your outfits to match the theme of the month.
Love these!

(talk to your cat... LOL!)
The funny part is ....... she has actually learned the difference between a gentle touch and mauling the orchid.
If you spend your summer "vacation" reading professional books and educator blogs, listening to teaching podcasts, ordering great new children's books, and looking at the Lakeshore catalog 50+ times!

If you buy your school supplies at WalMart as soon as they come out (6 weeks before school).

If you sneak into your classroom before the new wax has dried the full 2 weeks...just to think and because you miss that place!
This one is GREAT!
If you get insanely happy when working with a LABEL MAKER
you might be a teachaholic.

(Credit: McTeach on Twitter)
OK I admit it, I am a teachaholic. Here is my addition to your list:
You might be a teachaholic if.....
-you save everything from the empty toilet paper rolls to the rings from milk cartons in hopes that you will use them in your classroom someday for something.
-when you go into a book store to buy yourself a new book to read over vacation and you go straight to the new picture books or professional development section.



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