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I"m in need of a reading inventory text for student teachers later this fall. Does anyone know of an online or free one? They cost a fortune for the small amount of info. in them and I"m just wondering if anything is available. Otherwise I'll have to go with this
Johns, Jerry. 'Basic Reading Inventory', 8th Edition, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2001

Thanks a bunch in advance if you can ask around. (I'm in Korea so not so much expertise readily available).


PS. remember about the bookstore. I'll be promoting on the main board shortly. http://books4teachers.org/classroom20bookstore.html

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Hi David,
I'm not sure of any free online texts and inventories, but we have used the QRI (Qualitative Reading Inventory) in our district. You can purchase the book from Amazon for only $36.53 and it contains complete set of copy masters and instructions. The latest edition is the fourth, we used the second edition. Very thorough inventory measuring background knowledge, fluency, retelling and explicit/implicit comprehension. Well worth the only $36.
Here's a link:

Publlisher's words:
"The Qualitative Reading Inventory-4 continues to emphasize authentic assessment of children’s reading abilities, from the most emergent readers to advanced readers. With expanded coverage of critical areas of assessment, the QRI-4 is a valid research-based measure of reading improvement."



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