What are you reading for LEISURE this summer? Please share! :-)

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The Shack by Young
My Sister's Keeper by Picoult
Handle With Care by Picoult
Irish Linen by Greely
This is for now...too many good reads and even in summer too little time!
LOVE The Shack. I downloaded the audio book to my iPod last year. I occasionally replay it as there is just SO much to think about and ponder. PLUS the audio version has a couple of interview w/ the author at the end. There's a website for it as well. I think it's www.theshackbook.com.

And, yes, TOO many good reads! If only my laundry fairies would arrive, I'd have more time to indulge! :-)
I am reading My Life in Paris about Julia Child. I am a francophile, and would love to live as and American in love with Paris as she did. I find it inspiring that she took her first cooking class until she was 37 years old! One never knows what life has in store! :-)
This sounds interesting! I might have to see if our library has a copy of it.

Also, as a side note, I met a teacher over the 4th of July that teaches in a French immersion school in Edina, MN. I had heard of Spanish immersion, but not French. Thought that was interesting!

Happy Reading!
I am reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series. Honestly, I'm having a hard time getting through it, but not quite willing to abandon it just yet. I also want to read a Francine Rivers book. I've heard SO much about them, but have never read one. Any suggestions on which one I should start with?

Also, I try to always have a children's book that I'm either reading or listening to on my iPod. Right now it's The Mysterious Benedict Society on my iPod. It's pretty good, but the guy narrating it is not my favorite reader. I'm looking forward to finishing it this week and moving on the the book Fablehaven as recommended by SO many of my fifth graders last year.

Oh, and as always, each month I try to read through and meditate on a book of the Bible. Right now I'm reading 1 Samuel, in which David defeats Goliath and Saul turns on David. I LOVE that reading & rereading these books makes me so incredibly aware of how I personally use reading strategies as I grapple to understand.

Looking forward to hearing more of what you all are reading!




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