I HAVE to admit. I felt somewhat intimidated as I read this chapter. I mean, I LOVED how Debbie described this classroom and I would LOVE to visit and see for myself, but I am afraid my own classroom falls short of this "Picture Perfect" model.

BUT, I also LOVE that Debbie has given me something for which to strive. A goal to reach, if not one small piece at a time.

And I also know that even in this classroom painted as "perfect" there are moments when little "Johnny" doesn't behave, a favorite book for today's lesson gets lost in someone's desk or bookbag, an angry parent calls about an issue on the bus, or the kids are just plain squirrely because of the impending snow storm. These thoughts strangely comfort me as I seek some reassurance that NO classroom truly is "picture perfect." Though I'm pretty certain the one Debbie describes is somewhat closer to that ideal than mine. :-)

So, what makes a classroom run this smoothly? What is it that gets these kiddos to stay so focused, active, and excited about their learning?

I have some ideas, but I really want to hear from YOU. Please share.

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LOVE the COLOR pictures in the book! Just wish there were MORE! :-)
Can teaching really be like this? Can students really work like this? Thanks to this first chapter, the expectations I have for myself, my classroom and my students has been set and boy is the standard high!
I love the comment on pg 13 "Hey, where's the teacher?" The teacher definitely has the role of the facilitator and the students are in charge of their learning. How great is that! The students were having such a rich dialogue. I was very inspired (and yes intimidated too).



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