If you were to coach/mentor new literacy teachers what are some of the top instructional strategies used in you classrooms?

What are your favorite activities?

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This sounds really interesting - would love to hear more about the 8 weeks. How it was broken up? Do you have any forms you might be able to share? Thanks
I read Mosaics of Thought by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmerman. It is a great book on comprehension strategies. Students in my 2nd grade classroom are at the point of jumping into longer books, so I work with them on making connections between the book and their own lives and the book and other books we have already read.

In K and 1 there is so much emphasis on phonics and fluency that a lot of students don't realize it is important to think about what they are reading.
As far as "instructional" strategies, I have really come to love the 5-10 minute sharing time after independent reading when I call on kids (some purposefully and some randomly) to share their thinking that they recorded (usually about the comprehension strategy we are currently studying) while they read. Quite often they end up giving mini-book talks as they share their excitement over the book they are reading. This also gives me a minute to provide "closure" to our reading time as I summarize our learning for the day. I can't imagine teaching reading without that sharing time.

Good question! Thanks for posting.



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