I also thought is would be good to have a place to compile educational sites and resouces created by the folks from Georgia. Please add sites created or maintained for educators here in Georgia.

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I read lots of educational blogs. It helps me in my endeavor to stay current with trends and issues in education today. I follow some bloggers from Georgia that I would like to share. I am always looking for other resources that will help me with my attempt as a life long learner or as David Warlick says to become a Master Learner.

Here are some blogs and wikis that I read by folks from Georgia. This is only a few to get the conversation started. Please contribute the links to other Georgia blogger or Georgia educators that are useful to you and would be of interest to fellow Georgians.


– Vicki Davis – Vicki is a dynamic teacher and one of the first blogs that I started to follow. She has her hand in many projects that will just WOW you.

Communications and Society
– Keith Hamon – This is a blog for his college class but is very interesting to read. A huge part of teaching is about communication---or should be.

Ed Tech Trek
by Caroline O’Bannon - Caroline shares many resources and views on current trends in educational technology.
Stephen's Untold Stories By Stephen Rahn – more of a techy blog
Digiteen Global Project – Vicki has been involved in many international projects that develop wikis to help support collaborative learning. This is her current one. You can find links to previous project on her blog.
Time for a PLaN
Caroline presented on the value of Professional/Personal Learning Networks at the 2008 GaETC. This wiki has many resources for educators.

L(e)arning and T(e)aching – Putting the (e) in (e)ducation
This is a wiki I am working on –please feel free to contribute

I guess I'll chime in with my two cents. I regularly read AJC's education blog Get Schooled. The comments are usually better than the blog!

And then there's my own humble place.
It's not overtly about technology, but I do use technology. If one wants to be a propeller head, I also have a Linux Blog.

Good idea, linking up with out Georgia sites.




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