These are a few of my alert areas. I can be overwhelmed by the amount of potential information so I try to keep my alerts pruned!

Learning in the brain

effective use of web 2.0

project-based learning

Effective charter schools

An amazing teacher

Online safety

Most effective education

Students were successful

Students will never forget

Life-long learning

Educational innovation

School in the future

Plasticity of the neocortex


I could go on and I do make new ones and tear old ones down depending on my needs. I honestly have discovered new information and sources that I never would have found without google alerts!

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This is a great resource. When teaching students about evidence based medicine, we encourage them to use other search engines. I am going to try this alert system and bump it up against a few others we use to see how effective it can be in identifying the latest literature following evidence based guidelines. Thanks!
Wow, Kevin, thanks for the info. I never heard of Google alerts but am ready to enter some in. I'm thinking "inclusion in elementary school", "googleearth", and "web2.0". Can't wait to see what comes up.
Okay...I have a question. My e-mail alert message only shows me my first alert. I have to click into googlealert to see the other two alerts. How do I change that or change the order of my alerts?
What usually happens is that I get alerts on some and less frequently on others. On some the alerts are rare but usually good when they come. If the alert topics you've chosen are very specific, they will, in my experience come less often.



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