I enjoyed the meeting recently. I like the new format in which the participants become more than an audience and become more like consultants. If I remember correctly, Terry said that he anticipated that an investment of perhaps $200,000 might be required in costs of additional computer programming. If my memory is correct, I assume he is thinking in terms of converting the existing software into a social format. I am not sure that "going social" is a good idea just because "social" is popular now. How would going social extend the essential purpose of the product?

I guess I am wondering what it means to "save" Pic-Lits. Terry also spoke, I believe, of giving it away, which I assume means transferring ownership of the patent and moving the files to another server. I am reaching here, not knowing quite what to say. If the existing product was appraised, what would be its appraised financial worth? Pic-Lit seems to be a work of heart (rather than a financial venture) and that our group's goal is to see it continue. I guess what I am fishing for here is an understanding of what constitutes success in savig Pic-Lits.

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Hello Bruce, Steve  ----  updating PicLits.  I am looking to find PicLits 1. financial resources to move the site from 50% to 100%.  The resources would buy equity for investment and work.  Plan B   ------  give the site to a group or persons who will invest money into adding new features etc ... moving the site forward with or without me.  They receive 50% of the stock and agree to make certain changes and investment.  Given my age, I prefer the latter.  The site is social in the sense that PicLit users are able to comment on what others write.  You could add "invitational groups" by type of PicLit and thus create

groups/clubs focused on letters, quotations, Haiku, D-N-D, captions, lyrics, sentence writing etc.  I can be reached personally at ( terry@piclits.com ) or in Sun Valley, ID at 208-726-3213.  Our FAQ page has been updated and should provide some additional information, tutorials, technologies being used, USpatent rights, etc.



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