I'm looking for other teachers who use CPM's Geometry Connections book or those who have some ideas for cooperative learning.  The book is almost entirely based on cooperative learning, but we are having a difficult time keeping some of our students engaged.  Anyone have suggestions as to what we could do to keep everyone involved, trying, and engaging each other? 

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I have used pieces of CPM's Geometry book as a trial run in my Geometry class last year. I liked it, but I thought it was too simple and closed-ended for some of my students, so I always had a group or two that were done fast, and I had difficulty keeping them engaged without just asking questions that led to the next topic.

This year I adopted a problem-based curriculum adapted from the materials that Phillips Exeter Academy created, and I am using it in my Geometry Honors class (last year was regular) and it is going well. The kids are engaged and active. Well, most are. The few that are not are the painfully shy, and even they participate often enough that I am seeing growth.



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