I'd like to know, if your students are allowed to use ICT (I mean grafical calculator, CAS calculator, maybe laptop with math software?) on high school final exam (mathematics)

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I teach Algebra II. I give a test at the end of a chapter or unit. Some of my tests require part of it to be taken with a graphing calculator (TI 84), but I always have a portion of the test that must be taken without graphing calculators. I don't allow graphing calculators on the final exam.
I and my school allow graphing calculators on the final exam. The students who know the math are the same ones that know how to use the graphing calculator as a tool to help them solve problems. So, you know chicken and the egg, they don't need it, but they have it.
I teach pre-calculus and I use a graphing calculator. I give part of the test without a calculator and part with a calculator. I want students to be familar with the calculator but also know the math. I let them use the graphing calculators on the final exam.
Thank you, Sherry Isbell, Geoff St.Pierre and Tamra Counts, for your answers. Very interesting for me! Are you all from the States? I'm from Slovenia, EU, and we still don't allow students to use the graphic calculators on final exams. (Abitur) Ithink it should change in the future, but that means also changing the type of exercises on the exams.



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