Hi everyone,

I have just joined the group and am reading some great stuff....

Is anyone using the ShowMe App?

I am planning to Flip next year (at least one class) and it looks like a great app.

I appreciate any insight.


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Penny, You might want to also look at Educreations. Show Me only allows 1 screen/page whereas Educreations allows multiple pages.

Thanks, I will definitely check it out.

Have you tried Near Pod?

I haven't tried Near Pod yet but I am excited too! I was just introduced to it and I'm excited to create a PowerPoint for our push pull go unit! I love that you can post questions and have the students respond using their iPads! I think this is a great way to quickly see who is catching on and who is paying attention without calling anyone out! I also love that I don't have to stand at my smart board and I can walk around the room and go through my PowerPoint using my iPad! The only down fall for me using near pod is we only currently have one iPod in the classroom. We do have a school iPad cart but it is often in use and we have to sign it out well in advance. Fingers crossed we are getting more iPads next year and I can use Near Pod to its full potential!:)

Yes, true. What I liked about Showme is that it can be directly uploaded to a website; therefore accessible to anyone from anywhere. 

Another good app is Explain Everything. It isn't free (1.99 I think), but it does offer a lot of options for exporting your recorded lessons. Display Recorder is another app that lets you record the IPad screen, which is good for demonstrating apps that you might be using with the class.

I love Show Me. I have used it this past year; rather the students have used it for a variety of activities; the one where they found the most benefit was in recording their literature circle/book discussions. They would record, listen to it, figure out what went well and what could be done better, learn from each other's discussions, etc. Of course, there is also the standard Math - teaching concepts. It is a fantastic app. I can provide you with more details if you need any.

I am new to using apps with students.  I would appreciate if you share any activities you did with Show Me.


Terribly sorry for the delayed response. Following are the different ways in which the students have used ShowMe:

- Recording book discussions for literature circles

- Recording their reading aloud to work on their fluency

- Creating a presentation of a concept, no matter what the subject - Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading Strategies, Writing: Kids create a presentation of the concept learned.

Hope that helps,

- Smita

I am a first year teacher and using IPads in the classroom setting is new to me. I teach an elementary ILC/SEL program and I am finding the idea of flipping the classroom intriguing. My thought was to use this concept when I know that I will be absent to assist the substitute. I am looking to find out more information on flipping classrooms and incorporating the IPads into my lessons. Thanks to everyone that is able to give me ideas!!!!


I have used an app similar to ShowMe, called Educreations. Have you used this app before? It is a recordable whiteboard that allows users to create an animated lesson. You can also share the video through different web 2.0 programs. I use the app to help struggling students who may need reteaching on a concept or have missed a lesson. Here is a lesson I created: http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/2-digit-addition-and-subtra...

. I have also let my students use the app to explain their math strategies and how they solved equations. This app is really neat because it allows my students to create multiple pages, rather than just one. If your planning on flipping a class, I would definitely try this app out!

Hi Penny,

I am taking a class on how to use iPads in education.  We are using all three apps, ShowMe, Educrations, and Explain Everything.  It appears that Show Me is the simplest of he three.  It has limited tools and is great for use with younger students.  The most elaborate seems to be Explain Everything.  But more is not always better to some.  I actually chose to do my class project using Educreations because it seems to have enough tools but still be simple.  Additionally, it is web based.  Hope this helps a bit.




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