I am just curious - my school will have five days w/ Apple trainers when we return in 3 weeks, to give us some training as we transition from PC to Mac. I am very excited about it and looking forward to it. I'm just curious if there's anyone else here who's worked with Apple's trainers, and if you could shed any light on the experience.

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About 3 years ago I was awarded a 1 to 1 classroom with Apple laptops. The Apple training I received at that time was very helpful. The trainer I had was a former classroom teacher so she knew they kinds of things we wanted to learn about.
I had good experiences with the Apple trainers as well. Don't hesitate to ask them anything- even if you think your question probably has the simplest answer. The most meaningful sessions were when we brought our own media and created our own work- a newsletter using Pages, an iMovie, a podcast using Garageband.... something we could take back to our classrooms and use immediately.
You will LOVE the Macs! I am a huge fan. The district where I work now is transitioning to all PC.
.....broken... heart.
Thanks so much, everyone. Mary Beth, I have a friend who posted recently on Facebook that she bought an iPhone, and one of her other friends responded that she should think of it as a gateway drug - he predicts within a year she'll be a fully-converted Mac user! I think he's right!



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