Panel Topic #2: Is Web 2.0 significant to future student achievement, workplace skills, information literacy, and digital citizenship?

Possible subtopics:

1. The emphasis on pedagogy, as it relates to the acquisition of new skills, and how skills from the educational environment and transferred into a work environment are both items that will be of interest to this group. (E.g., team building around academic/work projects, the ability to self-teach, and information literacy [critical thinking skills])
2. Do the skills engendered by Web 2.0 address any of the concerns that businesses have about the skill levels of graduates?
3. What role does our education system today play in creating the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who will lead the way to the next wave of technological and business innovation? Are schools still places where creativity and innovation can happen? Were they ever? Could they be different with these new technologies? How would school budgets and funding have to change to fully support this?

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Web 2.0 would seem to be THE place to learn workplace skills, information fluency, and digital citizenship - because the whole world is potentially watching - and because school ought to be where learning, and mistakes, can happen when teachers are guiding and coaching, and where the underlying beliefs and ideas that will carry students forward are formed.

The balance is that the whole world is watching, and that sometimes educators are reticient partly because the walls are down. But we need to be there and involved and getting our hands dirty. Already Millenials (born from 1980 on) are creating Web 2.0 tools and not just content - so where have they learned their digital citizenship? We need to be models and guides for this continually changing environment.



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