OK. To get things started, I'll just repeat the question that introduces this group:
How can we use rich web media (sound, animation, gaming and interactivity) to make learning more efficient and fun? Do you have good examples? Do you know of good research?

Here are links to some examples. Which do you think teaches best?
Examples of Learning with Sound, Motion and Interactivity

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I went to the history game page but many of the links were broken. I realize that this posting is 2 years old and it has been the victim of Web rot, but do you have any other suggestions?

Leigh Zeitz
Hi, Leigh! Yeah, sorry about that. My working on the list turned into applying and begging for (and alas otherwise earning) money. The result was I'm distracted into policy discussions; addressing how Education and Educrats focus funds and time!!

Well,...!!! I do have a suggestion: Why not make your students work for their knowledge?

Yep, those pages can really use some work. :~( How about if students repaired and expanded them? Most are on a wiki, so they can edit the info. They could search for the links on what we have, and search for new ones to add to, and add commentary about both.

This would let them think about how to properly categorize games, and how to find them in the future, as things rapidly change. I'd be glad to share some tips for searching. And, looking around the site, they'd be able to get the lay of the land for who works on games theses days.

...Or other emerging technologies. Your other post said you didn't want to focus solely on games, and there's lots to be found in other areas.




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