Think reflectively about the teaching slice that you created and presented in class. To that end, write a blog (250-300 words approx.) that responds to the following key questions:


What aspects of the lesson went well? Which aspects did not go so well? What do you think the students took away from this lesson? Are there any unanticipated consequences? How did the students interact with each other and with you? Were the objectives of the lesson achieved? What did the class and individual students learn today? Where should the lesson begin for the following class? Are there other ways to teach or re-teach this lesson or some part of it?


Watch out! In order to earn full credit for this blog, you must also leave at least two comments (50-100 words each) on your peers’ posts. Please take the time to read what they wrote – you’ll find that you often have similar reactions to the teaching experience, and can help one another a great deal through this first semester!


For personal blog: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

For two comments: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

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One can say that my presentation went well in my opinion. The reason is because I feel like I was able to communicate well with the class, and was able to get the participation from all my students. There were a couple of things that went well such as the contribution of the students to the lesson, even if it meant calling out on those who did not raise their hand. I was able to communicate well with my students, and the part with differential instruction, me and my colleague were able to attend the disabled students using group work. My presentation for the lesson did not go as a planned. One can say I lacked the five C's especially when it came to culture and community. One can also say, my pacing when speaking could've used a lot of work. There was no unanticipated consequences because everyone did do their work, although there wasn't many volunteers when it came to answering the questions at the end of my lesson plan. The students interacted through group work, and by raising their hands. The objectives of my lesson plan were achieved because the students were able to learn about family names in spanish, besides that, they were challenged due to my colleagues presentation in the end we're only images were presented without english translation. The next class should be on how we use family to describe our cultural background. Another way of teaching this lesson would have been by creating a more diverse family member identification, for example, aunts, cousins, pets, etc. The more diverse, the better it is to follow the five Cs. I would have made the students work individually too because this lesson despite being a level 1, extra help could've been avoided. (295 Words)

I believe that David and Leslie, presentation was focus and to the point. Utilizing a hand out that includes pictures with the vocabulary displayed in both Spanish and English serves as a point of reinforcement, and link to the student’s ability to associate and recalled the words in the lesson. There are many paths to teaching, and I believe this group provided an effective option that we can all utilizes in future lessons.
Word Count: 73

The micro-teaching lesson was interesting and engaging. Students partecipated to the activities and students-teachers were going around like in a real classroom setting, providing help for students in need.Like David mentioned lesson could have been expanded by introducing more vocabulary words about family members. Therefore,since the time frame for presentation is not too long, one can say that the amount of vocabulary words presented was adeguate (70). 

Hello David,

I feel like we succeeded at our objective, which was to talk about family members and how to say them in spanish. We were able to get the whole class involved and communicate with them in an effective manner. We helped students individually and also when we went over the answers of the activity together as a class. However, I agree that our pacing could have used work.

The mini-lesson went well because the input implemented into the lesson was appropriate to the student’s interest. Also, the implementation of the Standards for Foreign Language Learning into the lesson helped to communicate the concept of the topic better. Students developed self-awareness and were able to view the world in different ways by studying the comparison and contrast of the target language. It was very important to create a positive and learning atmosphere among students and adults. Through listening and visualization, the video, gave students the opportunity to learn about the variety of music in Hispanic America. In one of the videos, students were exposed to the diversity of Hispanic American in the community of New York. Most of the vocabulary used in the lyrics of the music was at the student’s level. The material used on the activity had realia which helped to promote a better understanding of the input. Students had the opportunity to engage in a friendly and comfortable activity; in which they worked in groups and helped each other to identify and match the correct words with the pictures. This activity helped in differentiate the students’ learning needs and helped in the acquisition of new vocabulary of the TL. After seeing the outcome of the students’ participation during the lesson, the objective of the lesson was successfully met. Furthermore, students were able to explore the richness of the Hispanic music and its’ roots as well as to differentiate the variety of instruments used in different countries of Hispanic America. Students were able to obtain new vocabulary in a creative approach. This lesson promoted cultural awareness among the students. However, this lesson would be modified by implementing geography by teaching the location of the mentioned countries on a map. This would promote knowledge of the location of the countries discussed in the lesson. The following lesson will on conjugate the ER-IR verbs.

The mini-lesson was very interesting and engaging. Many aspect about Hispanic music were covered, and the use of a music video was appropriate to introduce vocabulary words. Young students tend to use music when they want to learn new words in a different language. As a mother of a teenager, I see my own daughter try to learn spanish using u-tube videos and songs. As high-schooler teachers we all should find expedients that make us closer to teenagers' way of thinking and learning(87)

Hello Maria, I believe we did a great job in the lesson we focused clearly on involving the five c's we also made sure that the lesson would be something that would engage the students and learn new vocabulary through things that can interest them like the music videos that we introduce with modern Latin American singers.

Hola Maria,

The mini lesson was very cultural, I really enjoyed the salsa and merengue of the videos. I also liked how you explained the vocabulary on reference with the music presented and the musical intruments such "las maracas", "el huiro" y "el timbal". As the teacher suggested, a little dance with the students does not harm. Congratulations Maria and partners.

(59 words)

Reflecting on our group presentation, there were several positive moments in which we clearly communicated our objective and lesson plan. Since culture was one of our subject matter, we utilized music to capture the attention of our classroom. We presented several types of music ranging from Merengue to Salsa to demonstrate how music plays a key role in communicating culture to the students. This was part of the five C’s that we choose to focus on in our presentation. Further we found that we were able to connect with the students by asking probative questions. By incorporating and moderating certain vernacular, we were successfully able to relate the lesson plan to the classroom. This enabled us to set the tone, and educate the classroom. Overall, I believe we were able to complete this task.

We were three individuals with three different vision. Though there was an abundance of initiative to complete the project, from each individual member, the lack of a shared vision influenced the cohesion of the group. With unity being the foundation of a successful group project, a singular focus should take precedent. This will enable us to have a clean transition between presentation, as well as providing opportunity for each member within the group to focus.

Overall, I believe we delivered a lesson plan that would favorable benefit student growth in the classroom and beyond. I hope to apply this moderation technique learned, in future lessons. As mentioned there were positive and negative outlook, but overall, I believe the positive vastly outweighed the negative
(Word Count: 257)

Hello Gloria,

I believe your group's presentation was great. I loved how you guys used many non-linguistic methods to teach the class. Videos and pictures and sign languages were very useful for your presentation. I believe your group really worked well with each other. Maybe there was times were different ideas were shared, but sometimes different ideas menas an expansion of learning for the student. Overall you guys did great.

Hello Gloria,

I really enjoyed the way your group presented, using different genres of music and relating it to the topic of science. The activity was also fun and would definitely be appealing to students who are learning spanish. The visuals were great and captivating. Sometimes, students find it helpful when they see the info instead of just reading it. Great job !

             Overall, the teaching slice went well because the whole class was able participate in one way or another. My colleague and I were able to create an activity that all, if not most, could relate to and make it personal. The topic was “Miembros de la familia”, (“Family Members”). The whole purpose of group work was to have the students enjoy the activity and work with others in order for them to help each other out. Even though we were assigned differentiated instruction, my colleague and I wanted to demonstrate that we could create an activity in which all students feel equal, even if there were others with disabilities and I feel like we succeeded in that aspect. However, I do realize i must learn to speak slower, especially when speaking Spanish. This is important because in the future, the students will most likely not be fluent in the language like my fellow colleagues. Therefore I must speak slower and clearer in order for my students to understand learn what I am trying to teach them. In addition, the sheet that was handed out could have been created in a different way such as a family tree or something more creative than just a fill in the blanks type of activity. I feel like the objective was understood and achieved when the students comprehended that they needed to translate all the words and the topic of family was emphasized. The next class would be students using the activity sheet to talk about their family members using the vocabulary learned. Perhaps even a project in which the students can express their ideas and creativity using a family tree.



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