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There is so many new softwares out there just pick one and go for it. Bit off small amount at a time build upon as you feel comfortable.
I have been encouraging my students to look on You Tube for solos performed on the instruments that they play. I have also encouraged them to check out You can listen to full recordings of an almost endless list of music on this website. There are also videos and ways to make friends and communicate that I don't care about too much. It is a good music recording resource.
Software- Music Ace Maestro, Children's Music Journey, Midisaurus, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker The Music Game


I have Music Madness Friday's in my room. I have an interactive white board (Promethean) and thirteen computer centers in my room. So every Friday the kids work in three centers Promethean board (large group), computer center (individual) and games (partner) and rotate around the room. We usually do games like bug me or other games from the book The Big Book of Music Games. The kids love having centers and they learn a lot of information. I am attaching the Bug Me Game I made, and a list of internet sites. Enjoy!

I started using this site for the "Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" video with games. I go to the "interactive resources" part of the web page.
I like to use Morton Subotnick's Creating Music games.  Check out Creating Music for more info.  Some of the games can be played by an entire class at once, which is very useful if you don't have access to a lab or many copies of the software.

We have just launched a new resource, Aural Test Training that supplements the work of instrumental and singing teachers. It is especially relevant for students who are taking ABRSM practical examinations in playing an instrument or singing.

We know that Aural Test Training is ideal for home-educated pupils too and we think could also be suitable for use in the classroom with small groups or pairs of children, of for interactive whiteboard in whole class music lessons. 

As well as the extensive individual aural training programme (at £2,99 per month), there are lots of free practice tests and I would be really grateful if you could try these out in the classroom then give some feedback about how it was used, with any suggestions for successfully incorporating it into the listening aspect of music lessons.

I hope this is relevant. We produced 4 'How to videos' on Audacity for the FolkDc European Union education project.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4.


Added your acerview54 to my YouTube channel. Very good instructions o how to use audacity.

I have used SmartMusic, Finale, Audacity, much this past school year, but i hope with the advent of our District's technology purchase of the iPad for all freshmen and sophmores, to use the music app, forScore. I have worked a little with it this summer and see much promise for students to be able to use this at home for a flipped classroom concept (i.e. learning parts, sight reading). - This site has great customizeable exercises for ear training, note identification, and a whole slew of other things.  It also has music theory lessons for curious students... or if you're not exactly sure how to explain a concept!

Hi. My name is Daniel Portillo. I am flute teacher at Madrid Conservatory of Music.

I have developed an app to help my students improve their intonation: Intonatio. For iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android (very soon).

I teach K-4 general music,

I really like Theta Music Trainer. You can only play the basic levels for free, but since I teach young students it works out really well for me. You can also download their app onto an Ipad. I also will have students compose on a beat matrix as a substitute teacher plan. I will have them do it 1 to 1 on chromebooks, or have them compose one song as a class by having each students click only two boxes. Then when it is finished you can print out their matrix.

In my building we have started to use Quaver's Marvelous World of Music and the students have really enjoyed it.



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