Material for promotion for a Linux/Ubuntu laptop pilot group at my school

Hello everyone,

We are thinking about piloting a Linux laptop program (currently running a Windows 1:1 laptop program) at our school. I will be preparing the proposal/demo/promotion stuff.

I have been a full time Ubuntu user since 2005, and do system administration for quite a few of our servers running Ubuntu. I am quite comfortable on the technical side.

But I want to make sure I present some compelling, visually appealing demos. I'll be working on it possibly after Christmas. My first goal is to prepare some quick video showcasing the desktop interface. There are some pretty decent ones in YouTube, so I'm not sure if I'll make my own or just reuse one of them.

Then I need to think about which department(s) would benefit the most, and try to prepare a more focused video or demo, still short and sweet, to create interest among the teachers. In this case, showcasing more focused applications for each specific subject area.

So... I would really appreciate some input from people with experience with Ubuntu/Linux in the classroom. If there is any application that you feel can really "sell" the idea to teachers, let me know! And if you have any materials that could help me in making a good showcase video/demo/hands-on experience, by all means!


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Thanks for that! There were some very interesting links included, and very useful parallelism between FLOSS principles and 21st Century Learning Skills.
that is a great document cprofitt;
I'll echo that - very well presented. I agree with Urko, good linkages with 21CL
Hi Urko,

Yared Deneke - our SysAdmin (you met him in Mumbai) - has started an "Ubuntu users' group" amongst our 10th grade students. We set up our netbooks for dual boot Win/Ubuntu and have some students volunteering to use Ubuntu. So far it's going smoothly & the students are learning to use the system well.

It's a gentle and voluntary start to more widespread use of Ubuntu. Not a bad way to start ...we'll be promoting it more widely as we build on the initial success.
That sounds like a really good idea. Maybe getting some students going at it this school year already would help with getting a "student tech-support" force available.

Are there any teachers using it already?

Are the students trying to meet their academic requirements using Ubuntu? How about usage of OpenOffice?
We will very likely include OpenOffice in our Windows master images for next year... Or will it be LibreOffice? :)

Say hi to Yared!



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