I'm doing a session for our staff about different study tools they can use with and suggest to students.  So far, I'm including Quizlet, Study Stack, Online Spanish Help, but I'd love to include more that would apply to different  disciplines.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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You could explore Bibkosh (www.bibkosh.com)  - a knowledge networking application that allows users to upload information the their Personal Knowledge Vault and share it with their peer group. Users can also publish their knowledge and showcase it to the world through their Knowledge Profile, which can then serve as a business card on the web.


This Web 2.0 based application recently had a Beta 1.0 release, but they have excellent features that make for good use for academicians in classrooms and for their own research work. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me for collaborations, do contact me at geetanjali@sievelogic.com My twitter handle is plaingeets





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