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Educational Tools - iCORE

I am the only member of my Nuclear family that is not an educator, traditional or virtual - it is kismit that I have found web/graphic design work with Educational Tools Inc, creators of iCORE.

The CORE Curriculum is an online resources for educators which is a fully-aligned, web-based program that employs diverse delivery options and features targeted activities teachers can actively exercise to suit a range of

learning styles.… Continue

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Why Consult Study Abroad Consultants for Study Abroad Programs & Study Abroad Scholarships?

In India the number of study abroad consultants have grown many folds. This is primarily because there is demand at both sides of the coin. Not only larger number of students are interested to study abroad but also colleges and universities across the world taking more and more interest in inviting students from India. But is it… Continue

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Yet Again Internet Scores - Online College Admissions in India

In India if we look back a few years from now and you will find the most dreaded exercise for every school pass out was to apply for colleges and stand in long queues all day till evening on a hot summer day. Such a popular and unavoidable exercise this was that news channels had begun to actually have

entire series for how to apply for colleges and what to do when you go to

college to get application forms. So every summer after the class 12 board…


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What it takes to use comics in the math classroom


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Indaba Music – a great resource for music teachers and students

Indaba Music is a wonderful example of how Internet based tools can raise “collaboration” to a level far exceeding what has been possible up to now.

Alexandra Stewart from…


Added by Kelly Walsh on June 15, 2010 at 11:08am — 2 Comments

Technology as a Learning Tool

Click here to view the shownotes.

Added by Amanda Kenuam on June 15, 2010 at 7:47am — No Comments

Updated information on my forum entry page

Here is a copy of my original forum discussion post, plus a few updates:

If you are interested in emerging technologies, you might want to follow the link to the TechSparked website!

I recently came across a few long-standing blogs that never crossed my path during my Google searches, and I was thinking that a Classroom 2.0 discussion about blog-sharing might be helpful, since… Continue

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Math training for your child during the summer

The school year is over for most of our families and summer is here. I don’t know what people’s plans are for the summer. My family is busy with plans for summer camps, schools, and a family vacation. As parents, we try to strike a balance between relaxation and fun, creative activities and being productive. We try to keep our children’s minds sharp, so we try to give them something academic over the summer, to try to ensure they don’t forget everything they learned over the past year. If you… Continue

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Canadians at ISTE

Discovery Education Canada has asked me to reach out this week to all Canadian educators going to ISTE. They're hosting a social gathering for us with food, prizes, and Steve Dembo on

Tuesday, the 29th (6-9 pm) at the local Earls. I've attached the

invitation with all the details below so you can RSVP to Austin -- our

host for the evening.…


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Politics and Teacher Assessment | e-Learning Today TV

Click here to view shownotes including links.

Added by Amanda Kenuam on June 10, 2010 at 2:35pm — No Comments

Four apps students can use to make comics in the classroom

Comics are what I am into right now. The last several posts have been about comics, so today I spent some time playing with several different comic creators. I was surprised at how many there were out there that were free. As with any app, some of these may be blocked due to their social networking nature. However, I think that at least a few of these will be usable in most schools.…


Added by Jeremy Kaiser on June 9, 2010 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Forgetting the game.

When the stuffed crust pizza first came out in my area, like everybody else we tried it. We found out quickly that the pizza makers had became so fascinated with the stuffed crust that they had forgotten the rest of the pizza. It was a lousy pizza.

That is what many makers of "educational games" do. They get fascinated with what they are trying to teach and forget about the "game." Games above all should be fun. On the other side teachers and parents ignore games that…

Added by barry bohannon on June 9, 2010 at 1:00am — No Comments

ePals Ambassador Contest Winners announced

We invited teachers to show us how ePals has opened the world for their students. Applicants each submitted projects that they had successfully implemented in their classrooms, examples of student work, and a video application, telling us what ePals brought to their teaching and to their students’ learning. Outstanding entries came from all corners of the world, inspiring us with amazing projects, successful collaborations, and enthusiastic students.…


Added by Dr. Rita Oates on June 8, 2010 at 3:58pm — No Comments

Utilizing MP3s in the College Classroom

Earlier this year, as I was teaching my Developmental Reading and Writing students, I noticed that during the break, they would immediately plug in their MP3 players or smart phones and begin listening to music files. They would also share music with one another. That started me thinking about how to utilize their interest in music to get them more interested in what I was teaching in the classroom. Many of my students struggle with note-taking and other traditional ways of learning new… Continue

Added by Vicki Phillips on June 8, 2010 at 8:30am — No Comments

Adora Svitak TEDxRedmond Host Interview

Adora Svitak, 12, is the host of TEDxRedmond, a local TED program that is being organized "by kids, for kids" that will be held Saturday September 18 on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. Follow on Twitter.

In her interview, Adora explains what TEDx is, how she got inspired to set-up her own TEDx event and some of the issues she has run into… Continue

Added by Jack Olmsted on June 8, 2010 at 3:11am — No Comments

Brand-comm begins brandware II Edition on June 25

Integrated brand-comm, a leading communications consultancy firm, will start Brandware II Edition, a comprehensive six weekend brand management course from June 18.

The lead faculty Ramanujam Sridhar, author of One Land One Million Minds and Googly-Branding on Indian Turf, has specially designed the second edition to help practicing managers learn newer aspects of branding and also simplify branding for professionals in other functions.

Brandware ensures to give right exposure to… Continue

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School Disco - teachers dance (can you spot me?)


Added by Juan O'Shea on June 7, 2010 at 7:26pm — No Comments

Using VoiceThread Technology in the College Classroom

Recently, I decided to make a VoiceThread for use in my 20th C. American Literature class. I started exploring different teaching strategies for my students when I realized that they were not very excited to read and respond in the traditional way. A VoiceThread is a wonderful tool which enables you, the instructor, to upload your media file (like a slide presentation), add your voice to it, and then allows the students to add their comments as well. The entire VT then can be seen by either… Continue

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Adora Svitak: Twelve-year-old Teacher

Adora Svitak is an American child prodigy and internationally published author, known for her essays, stories, poems, blogs, and full-length books.

Adora first became known to the public when, at the age of 6, she was recognized on local news in Seattle for her writing abilities.

Adora became an object of national interest at the age of 7 when she appeared with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. Her book Flying Fingers describes… Continue

Added by Jack Olmsted on June 6, 2010 at 10:30pm — No Comments

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