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Misinterpretation of 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills
It means something. But what? For those that haven't had time to explore the phrase's meaning, the… Continue

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The 21st Century Music Program

I've written about it already: Music Education must shift (as most… Continue

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It's About Connection

As a middle school teacher, if I have learned anything about being an effective teacher, I have learned it's all about connection. Not connection with 'the class' because there's no such thing as 'the class'. The connection(s) you must cultivate are those between you and each and every student.

Students will largely forget what you say to them but they will never forget how you made them feel. Connection offers the opportunity for you to build… Continue

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Students Seeking Relevance In Education

Ben Grey raises one of the most fundamental questions regarding our present situation:

What are we doing for students accomplishing their most amazing feats of education outside the education system?
Information has become decentralized.… Continue

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The Changing Nature of Professional Development In Education

This blog and it's sister blog has as its focus bringing to light the game changers of 21st century technologies and globalization as related to Education and how teaching and learning gets done in (U.S.) schools. The very first posts were critical commentaries about the perceived fear and obstruction of schools in terms of adopting new and potentially transformative learning… Continue

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Flat World Editorial

My "flat world " editorial was published in the Berkshire Eagle May 17, 2009-- with book recommendations. Probably redundant for many Classroom 2.0 folks but huge in my local scene. Many don't even "get" what I'm talking about. Long roads to travel here.

BTW, that's become my focus: Acting locally while thinking Globally. I'm calling it GLOCAL EDUCATION.

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My DJ Playlist for What It's Worth

Here's the latest project in my Music Technology Class (8th Grade):


"You've been called to be the DJ for the dance on Friday. Create a playlist for the dance."

First, use online resources to find and listen to potential songs to be included.

Potential sources are Songza, Seeqpod, i-Tunes and Musicovery.

Next, use MS Word… Continue

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Professional Development In Education: What's Your Ideal?

This post will be used in a graduate level class I am teaching focused on 21st century learning tools. If interested, please use the comment feature below this post to answer the following knowing that what you write may be used in this class. Thanks in advance to all contributors

* As a teacher, what is your actual experience in the area of Professional Development?

* What is your ideal? What do you seek from Professional Development?

* How can/might Web 2.0 tools assist…

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I Have Merged My Blogs

Dear Friends,

I have merged my Education-themed weblogs. It was a marriage that seemed inevitable. In reality, I was testing the waters with Typepad and Wordpress (self hosted) and Wordpress won. The content on both blogs was similar and was centered around provoking thought about school/teaching practices at this particular point in the evolution of Education.

I will continue this work, though, with a greater intensity and focus as I am no longer "split" by the… Continue

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