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Etherpad does not take you to the Heavens, but it comes very close to it

I had been using Etherpad ––for a while, but had never experimented its potential as a collaborative tool in the classroom.

Etherpad is one of the best online-based word processors out there not only because it is free (and now open source since Google acquired it) but also because it enables users to create a public pad without having to sign up for an account. Etherpad has many other wonderful features such as easy… Continue

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Using Facebook to Improve School Communication

Facebook has become an essential tool for young adults to stay in contact with friends and family and to create a sense of community with their peers. For school administrators, then, utilizing Facebook to improve communication and to create an interactive experience for their school community only makes sense. MORE...

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Revenge of the Edupunks

In a recent piece on educational technology, Anya Kamenetz discusses a significant trend that is transforming higher education. According to Kamenetz, Web 2.0 technology is transforming higher education from a centralized and highly organized top down distributive model to a decentralized student-oriented learning model–one that is highly individualized, fairly inexpensive, and accessible just about everywhere.… Continue

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Social Media Reading List! EXCELLENT Compendium of Adoption Persuasion!

I've been away a bit, laid low by a bad bad chest cold and back trouble, all at once, and I am immensely aware of my mortality. While I've been down, I've been delving into a really remarkable tome suggested to me by friend Cathy Walker of MUVErsLLC, Jump Point by Tom Hayes. I refuse to review it before I have finished the whole thing, but wow, why on earth did that book not cause the kind of stir rukussed up by The World is Flat, or Here Comes Everybody?… Continue

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Is Technology Creating the "Dumbest Generation?"

I enjoyed Clive Thompson’s recent piece on the potential effect technology may have on student literacy. Like many campuses across the country, mine is embroiled in an interesting debate about whether or not today’s technology is making kids… well stupid. Enter stage right "The Dumbest Generation." According to the author, Mark Bauerlein, Web 2.0 technology is distracting our kids and drawing them into an intellectual state of mindless confusion and half-witted thinking. But, is Bauerlein’s… Continue

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The Cheating Heart

Perhaps the most difficult problems facing educators is the staggering number of students who cheat in school. With the emergence of all sorts of exciting technologies– mobile technologies, social media technologies, etc. — teachers and administrators are finding it virtually impossible to effectively combat cheating. MORE...

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Urban Screens and Media Facades

The video related to the picture below, along with a few comments and links, can be found on my recent post:

Revisiting Urban Screens: 555 Kubik....

Wouldn't this be fun to do with a school building?!

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Critical Thinking and Social Media Technology

With the emergence of social media technology in the classroom, teachers are finding innovative ways to promote student learning. As educators become more sophisticated in terms of utilizing Internet and mobile-based technologies to share information, they are taking advantage of new and exciting opportunities to improve their teaching practice. One particular area of interest to me is the way in which this sort of… Continue

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New Media Literacies -- What are they?

I found a blog post by Susan Carter Morgan which included MIT's Henry Jenkins's video about New Media Literacies. See the blog here.

Love this:

New Media Literacies: "Becoming part of the participatory culture….Skills that connect people together with something larger than the individual levels…."

The logo for Project New Media Skills is "create,… Continue

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Sharing Some of My Knowledge

I'm a futurist and innovation consultant. Over the next two months I'm going to be sharing my knowledge in webinars at no charge. The schedule is:

July 23: Widgets, Folksonomies, Mashups and Syndication: An Introduction to Web 2.0

August 6: Market Intelligence… Continue

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All About Me(TM)

On my flight back from Knoxville, Tennessee, I came across this article in the AA magazine. The title: Achieve Success by Building Your Personal Brand. You can read the full article here.

Stand Out

With so much white noise out there, it’s imperative you stay at the top of people's…

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EduBloggerCon - I'll be attending! (jcostilla)

I'll be there... jcostilla

EduBloggerCon / Classroom 2.0 "LIVE in DC" 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Main Room 206!

This is an international… Continue

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zooming 'round

Today's been quite a full day. I'm learning a LOT from the online Web 2.0 class. The journey to get assignments done takes me through miles of exploring, and I'm often side-tracked with the incidental learning that's going on. I am certain that's part of the design (because we have to explore so many sites), and it makes the whole learning process that much richer.

My find for the day: Jessica Clark's Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged… Continue

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Participatory Media Rights in Education Now!

Participatory Media Rights in Education Now!

I get sick to my stomach every time I hear of a school banning Twitter. I feel even worse for teachers and students who have never had the opportunity to use Twitter in the classroom.

I've spent the past week live blogging what I think are very successful uses of Twitter in class. I dare any administrator to visit my Twitter-enhanced Latin classes and then tell me social media has no place in a school building.

I wish… Continue

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Simply the Best?

I love this blog post response to a leading news publication that states the following:

You Call These The “Best”?


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Targeting the Right Social Media

Social media is all the buzz... but what is the right mix to meet your targets?

Be it education, consumer, community or commerce, we have all found our way to what is becoming more and more mainstream. Educators are utilizing social networks like Ning to setup school profiles and student projects to communities (… Continue

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Ed Tech Company PN Develops Educational Game for Microsoft Surface

UK educational software company RM has released a demo of their game Finguistics. What makes this so interesting is that this educational game is being designed to work on the Microsoft Surface platform.

As you can see in the video, these kids are…


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Media-new for me

Ok-it's spring break and I've been up since 6 a. m. Not because I couldn't sleep, just because I like to get up early. I've spent the last 3 hours messing around with web tools I haven't had time to play with when school's in session. Yes, I think I am a nerd. But that's ok. I've been called worse.

The first type of media I started on this morning was Glogster. It's going to take a little bit more for me to get used to it. I set up an account for each of my 100 students. So now I'm… Continue

Added by Klista Lawyer-Reynolds on March 18, 2009 at 7:30am — 3 Comments

Could it happen in schools?

Wow, today I went to a website, Skittles, of all things. (

Yes, the tasty rainbow candy that we all loved as kids. The ones that are the cause of all your children's dental visits.

Long story short, they did something totally disruptive. The got rid of their static, boring website and embraced the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube… Continue

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iLearn is an online learning system devised by the BBC World Service Trust for media professionals in developing and transitional countries.

The courses are aimed at users with poor Internet connectivity and with little or no technical expertise. They can be published in any language.

iLearn courses:

* Promote the principles of balanced, objective… Continue

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