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How to Write “Real Good”

Like it or not we are constantly judged by our writing skills. Whether we are writing a term paper for a class or research report for our boss, the quality of our work will be determined in part by the quality of our writing.  This may not be fair, but there is something we can do about it.

Writing is important because it’s a communication tool. Imagine you had a great song on your MP3 player that you wanted to share with your friends, but every time you played it there was mainly…


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My Vision for Meetings (AKA – Making Meetings Somewhat Useful)

I’ve been in a lot of meetings – some of them for work, some for volunteering and some for social purposes.  I was at a meeting last night and while it was run well there were some things that came to mind about making meetings better and using technology to do so.

There are a lot of commonalities to the meetings I’ve been to and they’re usually not good. I’m going to outline some of the annoying problems that reoccur…


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Is there a Cure for Procrastination? Some thoughts for students and teachers

I’m a very selective procrastinator. I only procrastinate with things I don’t want to do! Seriously though, we all have things we procrastinate with. (Why is it a called ‘pro’ anyway? There’s nothing ‘pro’ about it). I always wonder how people motivate themselves to do things that they’d rather not do. For me personally there are a few tricks I’ve learned which I’d like to share.

Pain & Pleasure – First of all, in simple terms, our motivations in life are the…


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Exploring the World of Free Teaching Productivity Resources on the Web

There are so many free productivity tools available on the Internet for today’s educators. I’m creating a resource page that list many of the most useful ones, and I’d love to have your input!

By “productivity” tools and resources, I am referring to tools that can help teachers get their jobs done more efficiently or effectively, at no cost (beyond the effort required to use the resources, of course). There are so many of these types of tools out on the…


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Good Enough! Using "Alternative To" for Free Programs and Apps

Good enough! I usually cringe at that expression, since it's typically an excuse for substandard work. But in the case of…

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Are Checklists worth the effort? The Checklist and the Group Project

I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person that likes to get things quickly and not spend a lot of time debating or arguing. Case in point, whenever I go shopping I tend to buy things quickly with the goal of getting out of the store as soon as possible. This usually results in my forgetting to purchase a few items or my buying something which is overpriced or doesn’t fit right.

I have realized, the hard way, that whenever I spend a few moments and make a list of things I… Continue

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Cool Tools for School

Cross-posted from The Impetuous Geek

Everyone likes to find a terrific Web 2.0 tool or piece of free software that makes our digital lives easier. Often these little gems aren’t earth-shaking discoveries – they just make…


Added by Alix E. Peshette on October 1, 2008 at 7:00pm — 4 Comments

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