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Hurry Up and Wait!!

Waiting is a horrible trick that the invinter of time does to us all. It is Thursday morning and tomorrow is my last day as a Special Education Paraeducator. On Monday I start my student teaching internship, and in June I will be graduated with my MA ED in Special Education. It has been a long four years, but it has gone by quickly; from finishing my undergrad degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA to… Continue

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A Three-Dimensional Model for Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior: Part Two, The Intrapersonal Approach

A Three-Dimensional Model for Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior: Part Two, The Intrapersonal Approach*

The intrapersonal approach, the second dimension to understanding student disruptive behavior, is quite different from the group and community building perspective. It focuses on how individual students process information, and control and manage their own cognitions, emotions and behavior. According to the intrapersonal approach, the irresponsible behavior of… Continue

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A Three-Dimensional Model for Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom; Part One: The Group and Community Building Dimension

Dimension One: The Group and Community Building Approach to Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior*

Many of our public and private schools are under siege with our students and teachers fearing for their safety and security. It seems each day we learn about new acts of violence, vandalism, sexual harassment and drug dealing that are occurring within some of our public and private educational institutions. In response to this new form of domestic school terrorism, some of… Continue

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Learner Centered vs Teacher Centered Learning

We have just finished Module 2 in E-Assessment Learning. Our final reading was about the differences between Teacher Centered and Learner Centered Learning.

Teacher Centered Learning:

Teaching and assessing are separate.

The instructor's role is to be primary information giver and primary evaluator.

Assessment is used to monitor learning.

Emphasis is on the right answers.

Desired learning is assessed indirectly through the use of objectivity scored… Continue

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30 Blogs Every Student Needs in their Reader

Say goodbye to endless library call card searches and hello to blogs. Blogs have taken the driver seat in the lives of students and teachers—providing a haven to socially connect and consume endless amounts of knowledge.

In a day where the Internet plays critical importance in education, it’s important that they know where blog resources can be most relevant and helpful as a student. This list spans a broad range of topics pertaining to students from wellness and organization to… Continue

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Is online learning good?

Online learning cannot actually replace the learning obtained from regular schools. However, with technology advancement internet can be leveraged effectively as supplemental method of studying.

We are seeing a lot of activity in the current times combining Web 2.0 and Education. There is a new social network or platform coming up every day. I wonder, which one will make a difference to me and work as a collaborative online learning platform.

With some research, I have… Continue

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Has Technology Transformed Your Practice? Take This Survey!

Transforming Teaching and Learning Survey

At the end of October, I will have the privilege of attending an education summit at Google entitled, "Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age ". Before this event, I will be blogging on the topic of transforming teachers' practices with digital technologies.

I have some pretty specific ideas in mind that I'd like to include in my blog posting. I also would like… Continue

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The Cheating Heart

Perhaps the most difficult problems facing educators is the staggering number of students who cheat in school. With the emergence of all sorts of exciting technologies– mobile technologies, social media technologies, etc. — teachers and administrators are finding it virtually impossible to effectively combat cheating. MORE...

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Coping with the Economy

Remix America has launched our newest initiative: "Coping with the Economy" With this initiative, we hope to provide a forum for young Americans to share their story of the economic crisis and enter a productive dialogue with their parents and grandparents.

Everybody has a story. Check out this incredible video made by high-school students in Pomona, CA:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player

Visit… Continue

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Student Remixes!

You asked and we delivered: Check out our new playlist entirely devoted to the work of your students!

Assign a Remix project in your classroom and we’ll feature some of the most poignant and interesting ones in our Student Remixes… Continue

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EE Week Student Public Service Announcements

Environmental Education Week is April 12-18. (YouTube Play List)

Help spread the word. Post these public service announcements (PSA) video embed code on blogs, websites and social networks (myspace, facebook, livejournal, etc.).

EE Week is the largest organized environmental education event in the United States that increases the educational… Continue

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are you a good math parent…?

There are many characteristics that must be known to be a good Math parent.

* Let your children know They can succeed and avoid conveying negative attitudes toward math.Try to keep your comment positive. Praise whenever possible.

* Ask what your child did in math today.

* Be ready to talk with your children about math and to listen to what They’re saying. Even when you yourself don’t know how to solve a problem, asking a… Continue

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Student Letters To President Obama with Close Captions On YouTube

5th grade students read their letters to President Obama.

Last week, I discovered that YouTube now allows Close Captions to be added to videos that can be translated into twenty-plus languages. Click on the small triangle on the lower right corner of the video player to see the close caption on this video, Very Cool!…


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Twtpolls: digital stories & student texting

New digital storytelling poll. What's your favorite Web 2.0 app for this:

Currently the twtpoll on student preferred messaging indicates 78% of students are most likely to use cell texting with 15% on facebook. If you haven't voted, check it out at

Thanks for adding your opinions!

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Student Messaging Poll

Please take a minute to answer my one question poll on student preferred tools for messaging. What do you know about your student's favorite method of communicating? Thanks for your input. Results available after voting.
Sorry for any cross-posting. I know this is very unscientific.


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Fund-MyEducation – Student Loans

Student Loans are a form of financial aid that many students use to help bridge the gap between their personal resources and the cost of pursuing a college degree

* Student Loans

* Student Loans - Co-Signer and No Co-Signer Loans

* Student Loans -… Continue

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Hard policy questions about student blogging

I have been having some interesting discussions in the last couple weeks about a challenging, but important, policy question for you: Should all student blogging (in a school environment) be moderated?

I invite you to think about this and post your comments here. Thanks for the discussion.


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A question… Continue

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Believe in...

I've seen the video of Dalton Sherman, the 10 year old speaking to incoming teachers this year in Dallas. He's an amazing speaker, but I have more to say on the subject... as usual!

Read my post Believe in…

Love your thoughts either here or there...


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