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Teachers have value.

I came upon this post @ Dumb Little Man. I love these posts because every now and then in the midst of searching for technology tips or Web 2.0 stuff you come across a little jewel like this. The question is simple, are you adding value? A few years ago, I would have wanted monetary value, better this or that, but as my kids get older and I look back at how often I… Continue

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Shift Happens again..?

I've seen versions of this over time and obviously what we see are the basic threads of rapid information growth, our place in the global technology world, and a sense of urgency to jump on board. Meanwhile jobs are being lost, more houses in foreclosure, companies are shutting down, bailouts are being requested by leading banks, car companies and the like. With more information and more access and more "connectedness," where are these new jobs? I'm excited about the promise of 2049, but what… Continue

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21st Century Learning


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A not so LIVELY Google.

So is this caused by a down economy with cut backs or is this a result of less than desirable traffic, revenue models and stickiness? Earlier, I made a post about "Free" services moving to different models including the embedding of ads inside the content and deeper into the application vs. traditional banner ads. That did not sit well with some… Continue

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You got what you got.

Image by: by marisa_u
As my good friend Mary M. Bacon use to always say, "You got what you got."

I guess what she was saying is that as a teacher you are to teach those who… Continue

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A walk with Apple.

I came across the trip down memory lane and was fascinated by how many of these I have actually used over time. Apple has come a long way over the last 32 years. I remember being an avid Apple user in the late 80s early 90s and then just dropping off to the world of Windows. It wasn't so much the machine as it was the amount of software and access the company… Continue

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Web Retr.0

Look how far we have come, and I'm not just speaking about the technology. The shoes, the hair, the pencil pocket protector. I wonder what their conversation might have been about?

Hey can I borrow your Neal Diamond cassette?

If you send your Fotran assignment to my bulletin board?

Today kids have way more technology and can do so much more with… Continue

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Firewall your lunch.

How many times have you gone to the work refrigerator only to find your lunch taken by a co-worker? Don't worry about hiding your lunch bad any longer. You can use the low tech approach to firewalling your food in the teacher's lounge...…


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Web 2.0 may not be FREE, but listen to your community.

"Just discovered five minutes ago that has all of a sudden decided to force Kontera Content Links upon all its blog users. So here's what my blog looks like now-- and all my students' blogs."

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The Power of Community

For many, today is a joyous occasion, one that bring the promise of change and the hope of prosperity. I am thankful that my voice and my vote mattered and that it is still a freedom that I have, regardless of the turnout. I will support my president. Like no time in our history, has the power of the Internet, Web 2.0 and technology in general had an impact on bringing out the power of community. So many came out and so many voiced their support with such tools as… Continue

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PLN - 86 slides or less

If you want to get up to speed on Web 2.0 professional learning tools and resources in 86 slides or less, preview Cliotech's slideshare presentation. Unbelievable that she was able to capture all of this... reminds me of the song, "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel. You can download the presentation at… Continue

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Favorite and NOT SO Favorite Classrooms

I typically start my morning hour checking email, Google Reader, and Stumble. I came upon this post and thought I would share. As teachers, we sometime wonder about today's students and how they learn or behave differently from when we were kids. It's no questions that today's students are very different and very "… Continue

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