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Big Pond... small fish

With so many Web 2.0 resources, tools and blogs sprouting up, how do you get noticed and more importantly, what can you do to bring traffic to your content? It seems that outside of your traditional name droppers - Google, Twitter, Flickr,… Continue

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Blog + iPhone - Mofuse

Preview my mobile blog or create your own. It's quick and easy.

If you love your iPhone like I do and you are a blogger, than for no other reason than the "cool factor" you have to try A great way to mobilize your blog and give it the Web app icon on your… Continue

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Okay, maybe it is about the Top Tools...

So are you using the tools voted into the Top 100 Tools Spring 2008 list?

Click to view Top Learning Toolset, 2008

I thought this was a pretty interesting list.

Very inclusive list, but some missing: Vimeo,… Continue

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Not just about the tool...

I started out my career as a middle school classroom teacher teaching computer literacy and language arts. Go figure. At the time I was asked to teach "what" a computer was, not really "how" to teach writing and literature using a computer. Being the rebel, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by having student learn about main idea and supporting detail through learning how to use a word processor and a floppy disk. I did more… Continue

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Web 2.0 for Teachers... Who has the time?

Image by Dave F

Today, my focus is on Web 2.0 and the many applications out there. In my last post I posted a blog about the many tools available.

I've got my twitter, a blog, a NING community,…

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Welcome to Candyland.

There are so many free tools out there that help businesses, teachers, students and just about anyone embrace new technologies to doing things that were not possible even a few years ago. In my own experience, Web 2.0 tools is like being a kid in a candy store. Every day I find some new tool or widget that allows me to do something complex with a very simple tool.

A great… Continue

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Are WE Social Enough?

As a member of the WeAreTeachers marketing team, I like to follow blogs that provide insight into market strategies, brand and community engagement activities. Interestingly enough, I came upon a audio post by Jeremiah Owyang, a well respected leader in online marketing, blogging and social media. In his latest report with… Continue

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21st Century Classrooms?

So after viewing the set of images by Alan Levine and the concept of telling a story or message through an image, I thought I would create and post a few here. Feel free to download and share.

The message behind the message.

I recently read several blog posts about "what… Continue

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Say it with a Flickr and a Smile ;-)

Today's post is more of a visual connection than that of text. Last night, I came upon a blog post that featured "a set" of images in Flickr and was absolutely fascinated by the concept.

This… Continue

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Blog - Who has the time?

The blogospere is hot right now!

I consider myself to be a "newbie" when it comes to blogging and quite honestly, don't really understand what the main purpose or need it addresses. However, after spending a week at NECC and EduBlogger, I realized that these "bloggers" were creating a network of shared learning experiences… Continue

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Video Killed the Radio Star... Social communities killed..?

Clearly music videos, Mtv, VH1 and the likes revolutionized the music industry and the shift to music listening/watching. For movie watching, the same applied - laser disks, VHS tapes caused shifts in technology to CDs, DVDs, Video-on-demand to DVR and video downloads, flash movies and of course, who could forget - YouTube. And the list goes on... Now iPods, iPhones, Twitter,… Continue

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Can't We All Just Get Along..?

See more funny videos and funny pictures at…

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Lights, Games and To Do Lists

To me, Web 2.o means embracing new ways of interacting and engaging others. It might be through social interactions or it might even be by way of productivity resources to help you do what you do easier and more efficiently. That being said, as I was playing with the App Store for the iPhone, I came across some apps around flashlights, games and to do lists - quite a few I might add. And it occurred to me — is there something meaningful or telling in the fact that there are so many of these… Continue

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STOP... Collaborate and Listen

For those who follow this blog, let me take some time to STOP and say:
Yes, I finally got it and no I did not wait in line on Friday, waited till Sunday and only waited about an hour. I am so amazed with what… Continue

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Learning something new.

While at NECC and EduBlogger Con, I must say that I was completely overwhelmed by what is going out there in the ed tech space. There are so many leaders in our schools and classrooms who are doing amazing things. Web 2.0 tools are simply tools, but what I learned and observed by the many folks at EduBlogger was something that seemed to be revolutionary. We are truly seeing examples of our classrooms and teaching practices change as a result of teachers embracing new instructional strategies,… Continue

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Why is this guy inviting me to be his friend?

First of all let me say that I am pleased to be a part of the Classroom 2.0 experience and the Web2.0 world. It's amazing how rapidly friends can communicate and share like thoughts and ideas. This community is very much a part of what WeAreTeachers is about. That is, leveraging the power of Web2.0 tools and resources and empowering teachers the power to share, create, and publish content and make available for teaching and learning... We are developing a network that will be free to anyone who… Continue

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